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I have a bunch of random dining questions so I'm just going to throw them all in here:

1. Is it actually worth it to buy a dining plan for a five night cruise?

2. Thinking about purchasing the chops plus one option. Has anyone ever done this and enjoyed it?

3. Does the $35 come with the chops plus one plan? Does it still not apply to izumi? Would it work for lobster in the main dining room? The reason I'm asking is because there's such limited dining on our ship, there aren't too many a la carte options that I'm aware of... I'm sure there are many lol

4. We're thinking about purchasing a beach club pass. How's the food at the beach club? I heard it's worth the purchase just for that! 

5. With the dining plan, I know you have to schedule your first choice either the first or second night. What night would you guys recommend skipping the MDR? Right now, my plan is to eat in the main dining room on the first night, and the two port days, specialty dining during sea days. Is there any specific days you would also recommend going to the MDR?


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You cannot us the Dining Plan to pay for any add ons in the MDR.

And I believe the first/second night reservation is made FOR you.  You can make changes as soon as you board at any specialty restaurant.

Would help to know what ship you’ll be on.

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The value of anything is totally up to each individual and a personal preference. It is five nights, compare the price to what you might actually do....maybe do the 3n plan

Chops+1 might be a good plan if there is only 1 other specialty restaurant that you like.

The $35 credit only applies to certain specialty restaurants, it is not an actual $35 credit. It means you have that to spend at these restaurant instead of unlimited spending.

@Matt has a review of the beach club, he went 2x, so I think that means the food was amazing.

As far as MDR, ymmv. You can look at the menus each day and decide when you want to skip. It all depends on what you enjoy eating. My only suggestion would be to skip formal night if you don't want to be fancy.

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I would it is up to you and what type of experience your looking for.


My husband and I have done cruises where all we've done is MDR and the food in the MDR is great.  But there are times when we will go in specialty dinning, in fact our last cruise in November of 2019 we went all in with the ultimate dinning package.  We had never done a cruise where we only ate at specialty restaurants we decided to spring for the ultimate dinning package. I don't know if I will do the ultimate dinning package again because personally I did miss the MDR, so in the future I would probably do a 3 night package and go to the MDR for the remainder of the cruise.  

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