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Odyssey - Western Caribbean 12/4/21

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My husband and I are booked on the Odyssey Western Caribbean for 12/4/21 which has a port call for Grand Cayman.  I just read that Grand Cayman will not be opening up to cruise ships until early 2022 providing all their steps for reopening have been completed entirely.  How will Royal handle this?  Skip the port or maybe change to another port that is close to Grand Cayman?  Also, when do you think we will be notified as to any change in our itinerary?  We were so looking forward to seeing Grand Cayman again as we have not visited there since our very first RCCL cruise in February of 1997.

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If there is a change in the itinerary, Royal will email you an update if/when a change to the itinerary is made

8 hours ago, Lynne S said:

when do you think we will be notified as to any change in our itinerary

There is no set time period to expect it, so just keep an eye out. A lot of factors at play.

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14 hours ago, barbeyg said:

Lynne, we are also on that southern Caribbean cruise. ? We we’re talking last night and hoping it would change to Coco Cay, given the current circumstance in Grand Cayman.   We are hoping Aruba and Curaçao are still a go, but either way just want to be on the ship! ?

I have three other cabins sailing with me on this sailing; and we all hope they change it to Coco Cay ?

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My hubby does not know this yet but about a week ago, I had my travel agent book the following sailing.  So now we are doing a b2b (unfortunately, could not get the same cabin).  I hope to hold off and not let him know until we are actually packing.  Wish me luck!!

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