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When Might Royal Make a Decision About Early July Cruises?

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My husband and I are booked for a July 3-10th cruise aboard Symphony of the Seas. I keep seeing that there might be mid-July cruises, but when do you think Royal will give a decision about early-July cruises? We were thinking about the Adventure of the Seas cruise from Nassau if we had to reschedule, but we would rather go on Symphony. 

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At this point, I would just “ride it out” to see what Royal offers if they cancel it. If you’re not comfortable cruising you could still use CWC (if eligible) and maybe talk it over with your travel agent to be ready and cancel if Royal doesn’t.


 If you’re set on a vacation during that time, come up with some “backups” and be ready to pull the trigger.


we have an August cruise and that’s our plan.


good luck!

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Most other threads are discussing and wondering the same thing. IMO, the cruise lines are waiting for the outcome of the Florida hearing next Wednesday (5/12/21). Once the judge's ruling is done they will have their available paths set and will be able to make final decisions. Otherwise it's premature to announce certain decisions/plans only for them to possibly change next week.

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I think they will announce what ships will be sailing first. At that point we can assume cancellations for the rest. Actual cancellations will come about a month out, following previous pattern.

My personal prediction is that not much will sail in July at this point, maybe a couple of test cruises if they choose to go that route. August is when we will start seeing ships go. 

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