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Unfair cost with FCC's

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We were going to go on our first cruise, in our 80's and wanted that great vacation, but the cruise was cancelled due to Covid. Fair enough, so we received FCC's - which sounded fair until I found out that the new cruise we booked at the same time of year, almost identical cruise, same ship, is going to cost us $2,000 in addition to the FCC's! We did receive a refund of taxes and fees, but this is feeling very expensive, and unfair. If we don't go on the trip, we lose almost $1,000, but to go on the trip we have to come up with another $2,000, which I don't think we can do. Are other people experiencing this?

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You aren't wrong but maybe a glimmer of hope for ya. Prices shot upwards due to the crush created by cancellations, "lift & shift," and being able to reschedule so many runs. But with the new deployments out and a bunch of us having moved some our cruises out of the line of fire (hopefully), I am starting to see things level out somewhat. During this past week 2 of my customers got price drops as well as a couple of my personal bookings dropped. This leaves many of my Royal bookings unchanged but wanted to throw my 2 cents in the mix. 


Fortunately my franchise run of fifteen years is coming to an end next year but what a rollercoaster ending!



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8 minutes ago, Pooch said:

Was it ineligible for a Lift & Shift which would have moved the cruise a year ahead at no additional cost?

Maybe, But the original cruise was for last March, and I consider it too soon for us to be going on a cruise this month, so one year was not enough. We've scheduled it for next March, when I hope the virus has completely died down. 

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