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  1. Maybe, But the original cruise was for last March, and I consider it too soon for us to be going on a cruise this month, so one year was not enough. We've scheduled it for next March, when I hope the virus has completely died down.
  2. We were going to go on our first cruise, in our 80's and wanted that great vacation, but the cruise was cancelled due to Covid. Fair enough, so we received FCC's - which sounded fair until I found out that the new cruise we booked at the same time of year, almost identical cruise, same ship, is going to cost us $2,000 in addition to the FCC's! We did receive a refund of taxes and fees, but this is feeling very expensive, and unfair. If we don't go on the trip, we lose almost $1,000, but to go on the trip we have to come up with another $2,000, which I don't think we can do. Are other people experiencing this?
  3. This is not a change in status – this was the criminal case against the grandfather, and he changed his plea to guilty in February. The civil suit against RC is yet to take place. So the book is far from closed. I do think it was accidental, caused by stupidity, and my heart goes out to the family. Grief almost always takes the shape of anger, so they're looking to blame RC. Either RC will settle (for the same reason the grandfather settled – to put an end to it), or a jury will decide. My guess is that RC will settle and the family will receive money that will not take the place of their daughter or do anything to lessen their grief. No winners, really.
  4. Does anyone know whether the family is going ahead with the civil suit, or did they drop it?
  5. 'Haven't received it yet, TA tells me it will take weeks.
  6. I've cancelled our 4 night Caribbean cruise aboard the Brilliance and am re-booking using my FCC's. I'd like to not have to wait a whole year to cruise. When is a good time, i.e., no hurricanes or rain, and not broiling hot?
  7. The cancellation fee might have been charged by the travel agency (CruisesOnly.com). In my experience, hotels will allow cancellation >48 hours. I am impressed that you got a cruise for 2 for only around $700! It cost me closer to $1200. That speaks well for booking as far in advance as possible.
  8. Our cruise (same ship, same itinerary) was scheduled for April 9 and we cancelled, since the CDC's recommendations are very clear: no cruise ships, especially if you're over 60. We're in our 80's and there was no question that we're at risk. I had no problem cancelling and didn't lose a penny (only the cancellation fee of $100). We're getting a cash refund for part of the cost and future cruise credits (FCC's) for the rest, and are already talking to our TA to schedule an identical cruise at a later date. I really don't mind dying, I just don't want to suffer – and being confined to a cabin for 2 weeks and having a fatal pneumonia both strike me as suffering. So, why opt for it, when there's a choice? Wouldn't you rather go later?
  9. @AnnetteJackson It turns out I was mistaken about Stephanie having helped me before, it was Michelle, so I want to reach out to her. But there are two Michelles at MEI – Michelle Cunningham and Michelle McKnight. Which is the Michelle you all are raving about, and is there any way I can check which one was helpful to me previously?
  10. Thanks, PRebecca!! I'll stick with her, then.
  11. Today the Centers for Disease Control issued the following advisory: "CDC recommends travelers, particularly those with underlying health issues, defer all cruise ship travel worldwide." Also, "Older adults and travelers with underlying health issues should avoid situations that put them at increased risk for more severe disease. This entails avoiding crowded places, avoiding non-essential travel such as long plane trips, and especially avoiding embarking on cruise ships." Here's the source: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/covid-19-cruise-ship I think cruises may be cancelled. I cancelled my cruise and got 25% back as a refund and the rest as Future Cruise Credit.
  12. Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to hear!
  13. I've not used MEI before but I plan to. I think it was Stephanie who helped me once, but I've heard so much good stuff about Michelle. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. AnnetteJackson


      Hey - sorry just logging in on the boards today.  All of the agents listed in that string are great.  If you have an issues with any of them you can come to me and I will re assign you, or if you want to let me know more of how you tend to book, when you like to work with someone on your bookings,  email, text or calls.... knowing some of this can help me find an agent that works the way you prefer to work.

      Stephanie is on Mariner right now coming home tomorrow, so I can jump in and help you while we wait for her to return home, or i can put you in touch with an agent that is working today.

      Just let me know.


      [email protected]

  14. Does anyone have experience with Stephanie at MEI? She was helpful to me once and I'm thinking of booking with her, but I hear a lot about how great Michelle is.
  15. The "Cruise with Confidence" plan updated just a couple of days ago in response to the coronavirus emergency states (as I was given to understand) that the cruise using FCC must be booked within a year, but can be departing anytime before 12/31/2021. I have cancelled my cruise in April because I am a risk (82 with COPD) and I plan to book a new cruise for next year ASAP. Which means I need to stay alive another year.
  16. Well, I'm sure other people have other concerns, but for me I wouldn't mind being stuck on a cruise ship for a longer time than I paid for (I paid for only a 4-night cruise), and I don't have to fly to the departure point because I live only an hour's drive away. If I'm denied boarding, I'll just go out for breakfast and then return home. And face masks serve the purpose of preventing me from touching my face (the average person touches their face 23 times/hour without realizing it). And I already have a box of face masks and a box of gloves left over from my cancer treatment 2 years ago. So the decision is easier for me.
  17. As I've said, I'm planning to cruise in April, although we currently have a state of emergency here in Florida due to two confirmed cases. I plan to bring face masks and gloves and Lysol wipes, and be smart and otherwise relax and have a good time. I might eat all my meals in the MDR instead of going to the buffet, which could be riskier.
  18. You haven't said when the cruise is scheduled. I'm booked for a cruise in April, when the virus is predicted to peak, and I'm waiting to see what RCCL will do. I suggest you decide what YOU want to do (i.e., cancel or proceed with plans), and if you want to cancel, call your travel agent. Chances are that RCCL will allow cancellations with a doctor's note (which should be easy to get). At this point, I'm planning to go ahead on my cruise, although my daughter is trying to talk me out of it.
  19. He is not admitting to the facts, but he is accepting the guilty plea, which means he is saying, "Guilty."
  20. Aha! I knew it. 'Remember the old-style "ambulance chaser" lawyer? This guy's a cruise ship chaser.
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