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Transfer of a Casino Cruise to a Travel Agent

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Transfer of a Casino Cruise to a Travel Agent


Can this be done ? 


When I get the Casino Offer’s they are normally for an Interior or Ocean View.  I usually upgrade to a Balcony and pay the difference.  Awhile ago I tried to transfer a casino cruise to a TA and the TA told me Casino Cruises can no longer be transferred to a TA.

Does anyone know if this is still True ?




(Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor) 




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Back when the "global pause" started there were definitely casino comps that were not eligible for transfer to or management by a TA.  They eased up a bit on that later but there were still some that they would not allow me to transfer.  Frankly, I just quit trying and booked and managed all of the casino bookings myself after trying a few times.  It was just easier than asking my TA to go on a wild goose chase and end up with nothing for her trouble.  I currently have 9 casino bookings (all of which have been upgraded to suites) and none of them were transferred to@michelle.  It's not b/c I didn't want to do that...it's b/c it was just too much work for her to try and get them transferred just to be told "no".

I think that once cruising starts back up they will go back to allowing the agents to manage the comp cruises but now....not so much.  Having said that, I would definitely try and see what happens.

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The only customer I have that qualifies for the free casino rate usually upgrades but the rep requests FULL payment right away. This keeps them from requesting the transfer to me ;

"Bookings may only be transferred to a Travel Advisor up until 60 days from creation if the request is made outside of Final Payment period and the booking is not paid in full."


I don't mind since there isn't much meat left on the bone at that point (more importantly, they are friends and I want them to get all of the best deals they can)

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