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I have booked for May 2021.

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Really looking forward to have something booked going from Barcelona on Harmony, the ship I was on from Florida last August.

Don't have to make the final payment until 13th March so we can see how it's progressing by then.


However I did opt for the drinks package already as it was only £38 per night. Never seen it that low before. 😃

Anyone else feeling more upbeat since the vaccine announcements. 



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I do feel allot better now that there are vaccines just around the corner. And like most of the people who post on here, I can't wait to cruise again. But it seems every time there's good news about this and we feel we're moving forward, along comes stories like the Sea Dream, and between the media blowing stuff out of proportion in the name of making money via website clicks and viewership ratings, and all of the misinformed senators and cruise haters opening their mouths, not to mention people on these boards who like to post their own personal negative opinions, we get dragged back. I'm so beyond over this😩

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6 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

I was literally just thinking this as I read the post by @USFFrank.  We're not there yet, but there is a small light.  So there is hope.

I agree. Between the Pfizer and Moderna test results, I have a lot of hope.

Richard Fain touched on this hope in today's video:


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