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Cancelling a cruise booked with FCC. What happens?

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Hi Everyone, my apologies if this has already been covered, but I find FCC rules so hard to follow and they seem to be constantly changing.

I have a cruise booked for early 2021, where the deposit was paid for with FCC. I'm going to cancel under the "cruise with confidence" program and I was wondering if anybody knows if the FCC will be reissued as a new FCC  -or- if it will just be added back to the original FCC. The original FCC still has a ton of $ leftover, as the FCC was applied under a different sale than what I intended to book (I was trying to book a BOGO60 deal where person 1 was ~$1600 and person 2 was ~$600 but they booked at both persons ~ $1000).

I've been told that FCCs cannot be combined and I already have another smaller FCC that I will probably be unable to use, so I hope the answer isn't that I end up with multiple small FCCs. I sure wish they would let us combine FCCs or let us use FCCs for other items.

Also, is anybody still waiting on FCCs? I cancelled a cruise in July and am still waiting. My TA keeps telling me to be patient, but I heard Royal was getting much better at this. It had taken me 5 months to get the FCC I used for this cruise, so I'm wondering if I'm just unlucky.

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The way it typically works is if you used a FCC to pay for part/all of the 2021 cruise, when you cancel, you will get the original FCC reissued back. Any money you paid on top of that would be a new FCC.

You might inquire at the time of cancellation to ask to combine the two into one FCC: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/06/26/you-can-combine-future-cruise-credits-instead-of-separately-being-reissued

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@Matt is the best!

One note from our personal experience is that the FCC was not reissued as such, but put back under the original reservation number.

Here is our situation:

fully paid ALASKA for June 2020 in March

Alaska 2020 cancelled by RCL in March, Gratuity, Taxes and fees refunded (rec'd June) and FCC issued (rec'd May)

used ALASKA FCC to pay for Oct 2020 Quebec to FL in May.

Oct 2020 cruise cancelled by RCL in June.

Oct 2020 DEPOSIT (Taxes, Fees, etc) refunded and rec'd in June

At this point there was no news on FCC.

Last week or TA reached out to RCL and asked and they said it was all taken care of in June and I was asked to check to see if we missed the refund which was not likely but I checked and confirmed we did not.  TA reached out again and was informed that the FCC was reissued to the ALASKA reservation number.  This was confirmed and we discovered we had been waiting for something that was already there.


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