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Cruise Planner Issues?

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This morning I tried the Royal app. It had signed me out and asked me to sign in again, but when I entered the reservation number for my next cruise in March, it said it couldn't find it.  Then, same thing for our August cruise.

So I tried cruise planner on the computer.  At first it said 0 upcoming cruises.  I managed to refresh it but it lists 3 of my 5 cruises (march not showing, august showing, and one for 2022 is missing too).

Anyone else having issues with cruises not showing?  Odd as I definitely didn't cancel anything.

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My January sailing shows me checked in already with my details from the cancelled one from this summer or fall (I don't know which one there were 3 shorties cancelled); I just updated my photo and left it as is! I also had an 11:30 check in instead of 2:30 so that was sweet; although I know it's most likely a moot point. 

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When I tried this morning to get to the Cruise Planner from my Upcoming Cruises page, I was getting stuck in a loop. The link on the Upcoming page would lead me to the cruise planner asking me to sign in...and when I signed in again it led me back to the Upcoming page.

I was able to get around it by coming in from the drop down menu of the home page.

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