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Best Walkie Talkies For Cruising

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We used to bring them but don't anymore.  Since most of the walls are metal, the walkies don't work very well (and can be annoying to others).  If you daughter has a smartphone, (and depending on which ship you will be on) , you might be able to take advantage of texting.  And if the Royal app on your ship does not support texting, you can consider a Voom package where you'll be able to text over Wifi.


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As posted earlier it can be hit or miss, and can also be annoying if you have them up too loud which is why I use an earpiece. Some of the better models do come with them. I bought a pair of Midland GXT1000P4 GMRS 2-way radios to use on cruises and we have had relatively good luck with them so far.

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