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Airline doesn't want to book flight....

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So on another thread I mentioned that I was able to re-book our Alaska cruise from 5/15 to 7/17.

I was able to cancel our flights to/from cruise and American is offering a one-time change. So I call AA to arrange flights and the young lady insisted that I wait since i can only change our flights once. Since the new flights are a little cheaper then the original flights AND I like to dot i's and cross t's as early as possible I was a little concerned. There are limited 1-stop flights from Philly to ANC so I want to make sure I get on a particular flight but understand her warning that if I change I will lose my free change opportunity should the cruises get canceled again.


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That's where I am with booking flights right now...hesistant to use my free change in case plans get scrapped and I'm stuck with a flight I can't change or use.  It's a gamble you are going to have to be willing to take. 

If I was in your situation, I would almost say pay out of pocket for the new flight.  If things get pushed out even further with the airline's change policies you would still be able to change the new flight.  And if the airlines don't relax it and the cruise is canceled, travel insurance should cover the new flight if you can't get an airline credit.

Then you would still have the original flight credit to use for something else.

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Resurrecting an old thread.  I wanted to report on a GREAT experience with American Airlines and itinerary changes.

I had to change a flight NOT once, but TWICE.  For both calls, AA made the necessary changes quickly and without charging a dime in change fees.  I am thrilled with this new policy.  The first time I changed it, there was an increase in fare (which I absolutely expected) so I just paid the increased fare.  The second time I changed it, the fare went DOWN by over $350 PP so I got credit vouchers for that fare difference.

After so many bad experiences trying to change air itineraries, I was happy for some good news.  I hope they NEVER change their no change fee policy !!!

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