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If I have made a reservation for 8pm for the first night on my cruise planner which places can I eat at??  Is it just the MDR??  Or are there any other options like windjammer??  

Also if we dont have reservations at all (for our family of 5) can we just show up anytime and hope to get a table even with a bit of a wait?

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36 minutes ago, SweetHomeLady said:

Add on (related) question.  Can I make same day reservations for dinner in the MDR using the app?  Say we decide at 3:00 p.m. that we want dinner at 6:00 p.m., can we reserve it then?  Thanks in advance for your help.

If you have MTD you can make same day reservations, but your choice of times may be limited. You can also do walk up and wait with MTD.

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21 hours ago, Spang1974 said:

 You can also do walk up and wait with MTD.

It's the same as a land based restaurant. If you are outside of your reservation time, they will just seat you when they have a table ready. Although from what I've read here, table waits generally aren't too long, I would still be prepared to wait longer if you are going to dine between like, 6pm and 730pm. That's seems to be the prime dining time.

Happy cruising!

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1 hour ago, HAK1906 said:

On a 7 day cruise are there nights were the MDR is more/less crowded than others.  For example I would imagine the first night may be high but the last night maybe a lot lower and on Lobster nights (I think nights 2 and 5) would be higher.  Is my logic off?

You are correct.  I would make reservations for the 1st night and Lobster night.  There are pretty big lines on those nights for walk up.

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