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San Juan Airport Fix Rates List !!

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looks like all flat rates have increase from a little over a year ago, by about $2 along with the airport fee climbing $2 also. has actual

Wonder if Uber being allowed has actual cause rates to increase due to lost revenue as opposed to bringing rates down

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Thanks for this. I leave for San Juan in 16 days! I'm not sure, but, the Isla Verde rate looks to be about the same as we paid at this time last year. I just don't remember how many bags we were charged for. (My wife's roll around carry on may or may not have been charged)

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We did an Uber to Old San Juan from the airport for $15 + tip on December 27th at around 3PM.  Friends did the same trip around midnight for MUCH more.  Suggest checking Uber / Lyft when you get to the airport and if their fares are up at that time, take the flat rate taxi.   

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