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Hello friends!

Sailing a week from today on a 7 night out of PC. Planning on dining within CK for the week does anyone know if they offer a special "Holiday" menu for Thanksgiving Day? Staying in an OS, never heard any feedback from Royal Up albeit I sent in a minimum bid, not even a thanks but no thanks we are full. Expecting our contact from the concierge sometime this week, most likely in a few days as @WAAAYTOOO explains. If you do not have the UDP would you prefer CK or pony up for a specialty restaurant that evening? Thanks so much :35_thinking::35_thinking:


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Sometimes the special “holiday” meals exclude specialty dining (they have a “special” dinner for an upcharge, of course) but there is usually a couple of specialty restaurants open to the public for holiday meals (we often choose Izumi).

Frankly, our last Thanksgiving MDR meal was the last meal we ever ate in a MDR.  It was horrific.  Everything about it was bad.  Dan declared then and there that he would never eat in a MDR again, and we haven’t. That was on Liberty, I think.

Hopefully others will have a better experience. 

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