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I agree that they are not open late at night.  I want to say maybe 9:30.  They play movies on the big screen, but rope off the pool.  

I will say that sometimes the water is cold, even outdoors.  One reason why is that they dump the pool water every X amount of days, thus even if it 85 degree ambient, the water could be cold since they just re-filled the pool.  On all of our RCL cruises I want to say I saw everyday 1 of the pools drained at night and replenished when I showed up at 7:30 a.m. ---early riser and found that this was the only time I could swim without bumping into anyone.  IE drained the oudoor port side pool day 2.  The Solarium pool day 3.  The inside pool day 4..  The  out door starboard on day 5.  Repeat.

Secondly, itinerary and ship.  We were on Adventure in July.  It has an open air Solarium.  NE cruise the ambient temp could be 80-85 during the day.  It drops to 60 over night, and now add a rain shower.  That water temp is cold the next a.m. until it heats up.  

One thing you should know @Nick D regarding the pools,  some of the ships pools are saltwater.  I say this because many passengers don't know this and are shocked once they get in the pool.  

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Last September we sailed the Oasis of the seas..Pre renovation and the pool water was disgusting. It's only changed every other day and it is murky by lunch on the first day. People stand in the pool all day long drinking. Think what you may . My husband and I decided not to go in either the pool or Jacuzzi. The adult pool was also in the smoking section. That ship had questionable sanitation to begin with so it was a hard pass for us

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