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I can honestly say that I have never seen any dimsum out of the 9 that we have been on so far, I can tell you that if they did have it and I saw it then they would have one heck of a hard time getting me out of there!  I absolutely LOVE Asian food (I do not care which part its from) and would absolutely love to see it on one cruise one of these days.  I have seen an Asian influenced  night in the Windjammer but I do not recall seeing any dimsum, but that is subject to change from ship to ship and sailing.  We shall see!  I can tell you that I honestly am looking forward to the results, hopefully someone else has seen some and can let us know which ship!!😁

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13 hours ago, Eric Chao said:

Since i read that they have themed nights, do they do chinese theme as well?

Are you talking about a ship sailing from Asia or other regions? 

Outside of Asia the Windjammer will usually have an Asian night.  They don't specifically call it Chinese and the Asian theme will be heavily slanted to a Western version of Asian food.  The MDR doesn't tend to theme to regional foods, the menu will have a variety of dishes often including items from the sea and items from land.  Fish, chicken, beef etc.

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1 hour ago, Eric Chao said:


i'm looking at OVATION OF THE SEAS which was originally made to cater to china market but now its been repositioned to CANADA / AUSTRALIA / HAWAII

but im just curious how much asian or chinese dishes are in windjammer... maybe not a lot basing on people's responses

Ovation has for many years been shared between Australia and Asia.  Alaska was added just last year for the first time.  Hawaii comes with that as a means to reach Alaska. She wasn't built for Asia.  Quantum was originally in North America then moved and modified for Asia.  In that sense Quantum was more Asian than Ovation if there is such a thing.  For example they added and converted public spaces to gambling on Quantum to meet Asian expectations.  Spectrum is the only ship that was built for China.  Wonder will be as well when she sails in a few years.

When any ship is outside of the Asia region the food will be more western in nature.  A ship has no native cultural influence, they apply the influence based on where the ship is home ported at the time.  When moving a ship like Ovation from Singapore to Sydney it was a pretty simple process for the provisions to be adjusted and with that the food choices on board met local expectations.

Spectrum has no known plans to leave China so it will posses the closest experience to real Chinese food available on any ship in the fleet.  I expect Wonder will be the same unless they have her move between regions as well.  

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