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  1. Do people from RC read this forum? If anybody from RC reads this post, i urge you to immediately put HEPA FILTERS on your ships. As per CNN article in this link, CRUISE SHIPS do NOT HAVE THE HEPA FILTERS thus allowing viruses to spread via the AIRCON SYSTEM currently in place. This is a simple and cheap solution which all cruise ships should immediately implement, excerpt as follows " "Cruise ships in principle look like a building, so their air conditioning systems are similar to those in buildings," says Qingyan Chen. "There's nothing wrong with that in normal circumstances, but wit
  2. hi friends, in case all the specialty dining restos are full, and you have the UDP Can you just eat at the MDR and take out sushi every night from IZUMI? or even the other restos? in other words, instead of a full sit-down meal, can we just order some of our fav dishes at any specialty dining as TAKE-OUT? thanks a lot
  3. update - UPD is back!! i guess they temporarily removed it to create an illusion of it being sold out
  4. HI FRIENDS i didn't know that the UDP could get sold out. Here i was, checking and checking the price of UDP hoping to see it drop. It NEVER dropped even thru the Thanksgiving sale and Christmas sale... only the percent discount WENT UP, but the actual price remained the same until a few days ago when the UDP disappeared from our cruise planner Apparently, it got SOLD OUT!!! Sometimes waiting too long is not a good idea too... oh well
  5. Hi friends Would our google chromecast work on the stateroom TV? So we can at least let our kids watch on big TV rather than on our phones? Thanks in advance
  6. hi friends, we now have 61 members in our FB GROUP ROLL CALL. Welcome to join us there too. just search FB for - Ovation of the Seas - September 17, 2020 but don't forget to include the HYPHEN to make sure you're in the right group see you all!!
  7. wow! our cruise BASE PRICE suddenly went up by US$ 400!!! yahooo this gives RCL the opportunity to offer a BIG BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT tomorrow of US$ 400!! fantastic savings!!!
  8. Guys Are the menu's diff for lunch vs dinner? I saw that lunch at JAMIES is USD 25 and dinner is USD 42 Why is this? Thanks a lot Eric
  9. hi friends I can't quite understand RCL's fine print on this issue we have 2 children both under the age of 5. We wish to purchase the Unlimited Dining Package. But SHOULD we still purchase for our children since they supposed to be FREE OF CHARGE anyway? Hope someone can explain clearly super thanks eric
  10. hi friends, we are first time cruisers and want to try out the UNLIMITED DINING PLAN. However, we also want to try the MDR, WINDJAMMER, etc... would it be a good idea to book all our nights at specialty restos JUST TO MAKE SURE that we have a reservation.... and then on certain nights, if we dont feel like eating at specialty, just dont show up and go to MDR instead? is this something people often do? is there a penalty imposed if we dont show up for our reservation? we don't want to be an ASS about depriving others of their chance to eat at specialty restos. i would gladly call the
  11. hi friends is it possible to NOT get our luggage immediately after we debark the ship on the final port of destination? my idea is to leave the luggage with RCL for 4 to 5 hours while we go exploring areas nearby the harbor so we are luggage free. Then go back to harbor after 5 hours to get luggage and take taxi to our hotel. because our hotel is about 1 hour away from the harbor, im thinking this could be a good way to at least see the nearby sights before having to drive so far away is this DOABLE? will they dispose of our luggage if we dont immediately retrieve them? or will
  12. thanks so much CHESSE4, i will look into these links MAHALO!!!
  13. hi friends is there any way or place in the cruise terminal of honolulu, that we can temporarily store luggage safely? if we can do so, then it frees us up to go exploring nearby waikiki for about 5 hours then come back to cruise port to retrieve luggage and take taxi to our hotel which is about 1 hour away .... it makes a lot of sense to do this IF THIS IS POSSIBLE im having a hard time to get some information on luggage store right AFTER DEBARKING from RCL ship... hope someone knows something
  14. thanks for this very informative reply, will duly consider this
  15. hi friends i apologize for not making it clear. Actually in LAHAINA - MAUI, RCL - OVATION of the seas is scheduled to be there OVERNIGHT. We arrive on 9/25/20 at 7 am and depart of 9/26/20 - at 6 pm that's why im considering to take a 7 to 9 hour EXCURSION up the mountain for the sunset views and dinner. but the tour operator said we will be back at port between 10 to 11 pm so im just worried on how we can get back to the ship if we arrive at that time? the ship won't be leaving until the next day... my concern is i dont want to sleep on the port... hope you can enlighten me
  16. hi friends i'm a newbie cruiser and planning to bring my family for a HAWAII trip next year. On one of our PORT STOPS - MAUI, i plan to join an excursion for a SUNSET & DINNER TOUR. But it starts at 2 pm, and will last up to 8 pm my concerns are: 1. what time does the TENDER return to the ship? is there a set time for it? how can we get aboard the tender ship IF WE HAPPEN TO RETURN later than their set time? 2. will RCL accomodate us even if we take the excursion trip NOT thru RCL website? 3. has it ever happened that guests were left at the shore overnight to fend fo
  17. hi friends first time cruiser here... we will be cruising from vancouver to hawaii and i can't afford the VOOM package so i thought i will just buy a local SIM card in vancouver and try to use it on port days. is this a good idea? Since i may just need to send some emails and check our bookings like taxi's and hotel to make sure all are in order... If this is possible, which phone company in VANCOUVER do you recommend me to buy the SIM? Since we will be there a few days before we embark thanks in advance eric
  18. HI FRIENDS i'm looking at OVATION OF THE SEAS which was originally made to cater to china market but now its been repositioned to CANADA / AUSTRALIA / HAWAII but im just curious how much asian or chinese dishes are in windjammer... maybe not a lot basing on people's responses
  19. Thanks for your replies Indeed it's a pity that RC doesnt include this world favorite dish
  20. hi friends, does any Quantum Class or Oasis Class ships offer dimsum? Since i read that they have themed nights, do they do chinese theme as well? Like in the windjammer or MDR, was dimsum ever part of the menu? thanks in advance
  21. thank you Grandma!! you see, we are from the Philippines and it would be super difficult for us to have to lug around 2 car seats! plus we have to fly to vancouver (15 hour flight) just to board the ship, and we already have 2 luggages plus 1 stroller. With only my 2 hands, i cant see how i can carry car seats with me... In Vancouver, we plan to just take public transport like bus and monorail and taxi which don't require car seats. So, in HAWAII we can actually take TAXI as well. We would love to follow your suggestions so i will research on that too. But if anyone has more ideas ple
  22. hi friends i have additional question... just found out there is a restaurant called LA PATISSERIE on OVATION of the SEAS and their website shows that this is not included as free dining venue. but my question is, it is included in the UDP? Since its not officially listed in the list shared to us above? Whats your feedback about this ? Thanks so much in advance eric
  23. hi friends we will be sailing to hawaii next year, our ship will port at KAILUA KONA for 1 day (7 am to 6 pm) then LAHAINA (MAUI) for 2 days (7 am to 6 pm) may i ask for your advise on what to do for each port? Given that we have 2 small boys (ages 5 and 3) and we don't have any car seats with us... So we cannot do any of the ff: 1. hiking - the boys not used to it, and we cant carry them on a hike 2. helicopter - the company won't accept children below 5 3. snorkeling - we already have snorkeling plans after the cruise.. 4. beaches (because we already have plans to stay
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