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Hibachi and UDP


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1 hour ago, Marlena said:

Is the hibachi part of the UDP? I thought it was an a la carte thing where you get 35$ and pay the extra. However the latest blog here says it isnt included. 

You will have to ask as it varies from ship to ship and you can't get Royal to give clear answers.  It appears they consider hibachi to be a "dining experience" and thus would be excluded from the Unlimited Dining Plan.  But some people have had success with having it covered.  Some people have reported that only the one protein option for hibachi was covered and they had to pay an extra $10 to get the two protein option.  Some ships won't even honor it. 

If your ship has a separate dining area for the sushi, you can eat there and get up to $35 worth of menu items with the UDP.

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17 minutes ago, marti314 said:

I wonder why they still have these limits when you can go to as many places as you want or come and go to one place multiple times in an evening.

True..the $35 is really for the ala carte places like Izumi and Playmakers, though.  The rest of the specialty restaurants are cover charges and with the UDP you either need reservations or they have to have the seating available. 

Hibachi seating is so limited and they can't stagger the dining times as easily since they want to serve full tables at once and the tables hold 10-12 people (can't remember exactly).

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