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i never reserved any time. (to me that defeats the idea of MTD but that's just me) But I have never felt rushed to finish quickly. I tend to leave desert choice till last because I may change my mind. Sometime I also still feel hungry so order another order and never had stuff upset with me. (If they were they didn't show it) 

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They have never rushed me.  

Feel free to request another entree, or appetizer, or dessert.  Not sure how people do that, I am usually so stuffed, but no judgement, order away!

For me the benefit of MTD is flexibility.  5:45pm one night, 7pm another night, 6pm another night.  Really enjoying time in a pool?  Miss your reservation and use the "no reservation" line when you feel like it.  

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We made reservations for different hours during our cruise depending on the show's hours (Hairspray, Flight and Hiro). Never have to wait more than five minutes. We have never felt rushed to finish quickly even when on a couple of occasions we were really late for dinner because the show was a little late. For me like @twangster MTD means flexibility.


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