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I chose not to use Uber/Lyft for my family of 6 from Port Everglades to MIA.  I was worried that while an Uber XL could fit us all the luggage wouldn't.  Some cars would fit the luggage but others would not and I wanted a sure plan.  Instead I ordered a private van via Go Airport shuttle and about the same as the cost of 2 Ubers.  

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34 minutes ago, jurrjurr said:

Will an Uber/Lyft Plus fit us all w/ luggage (two carry-on and one checked per couple)? Or should we order two separate UberX/Lyft vehicles?

I'd expect Lyft XL to work.  Keep in mind once they assign you a driver, you can call the driver right away and ask about capacity.

Once I bought furniture at IKEA and ordered Lyft XL and called the driver to confirm capacity.  You can cancel the ride in the first few minutes if the car you get doesn't work for what you need.

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I am not sure of that either. Our family of 4 fits comfortably in Uber/Lyft plus with luggage but we often have maxed out the space. Most of the cars are SUVs (Tahoe, Suburban, Explorer, etc.) or minivans. Six with luggage might be a really tight squeeze. It really depends how much luggage you are carrying. 

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