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Found 22 results

  1. Gonna try giving this a shot even though I've never done a live blog before. Please take it easy on me
  2. Hey Guys, I haven't been on in awhile but wanted to give you guys some peeks into Freedom since this is its first cruise after being amped. For those on Periscope I have been doing some posting there too. But there are somethings I know you guys love that cant be easily put on there. Yesterday was a good day. When we got on they gave everyone a glass of bubbles (If you were lucky you could also get more :)). Since the ship had been in port for a few days it was available right away. We were also able to board right away. Sadly, the rooms weren't updated and ours had a leak
  3. It is finally my turn for a return trip on Mariner! Last time on Mariner was for the Double Dip to CocoCay Royal Caribbean Blog cruise. Hard to believe that was over 7 months ago!
  4. My SemiLive Blog Wowzah! Only 3 more days until we are on a plane to Barcelona! Hard to believe, this past year has flown by so fast. So, let's get down to the nitty gritty and get this show on the road! (props to people who get that reference) Our Cruising History I am sailing with my mother and father who have both cruised 2 and 3 times, respectively. This will be our third family cruise together (which have all been on Royal), and our second time on an Oasis Class ship. We are all from Texas and excited to get away from the 100+°F summer heat as well! The last time we were on a
  5. Just to be up front, don't expect anything fancy. Check out my previous LIVEish
  6. Greetings all! Currently sitting on the Tri-Rail at the Miami airport station waiting for it to depart northbound heading towards Ft. Lauderdale. (Check out writeup @twangster did going from Ft. Lauderdale airport.) Day started off catching a 6:30 am flight to Miami with a landing just after 7:30 am. Have to admit a hour flight sure beats sitting 7+ hours in either a car or bus. Just a shame the flight costs 3-4 times what RedCoach would have been. But the convenience so far is worth it. So those wondering what exactly 3343 means, I'll reveal that tomorrow. Sure so
  7. By FlowBro Ty Hi Every One. Welcome To Oasis Of The Seas Western Caribbean Blog. So Let Get Started. If You Are New Here. Here Is My Last Blog Of The Mariner OTS. Check It Out. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/9405-mariner-of-the-seas-blog-72718-to-73018/ On This Voyage On The Oasis The Port Of Calls We Will Be Stopping At Are Labbadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, Cozmel Mexico So We Have Three Port Days And Three Sea Day The Room We Booked Was A Jr Suite On Deck Eight. Our Friend's Also Have A Jr Suite Right Next To Ours. Also On
  8. Sorry to report folks but your eyes aren't playing tricks. Starting tomorrow I'll be coming to you somewhat live from on board the Symphony of the Seas. This has been a cruise with right around 620 days of waiting. Booked the night reports had started to leak out that Symphony booking had opened up. Little did I know at the time of booking it would be a very short wait to learn this sailing would be part of something much bigger, an official Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise. Itinerary is somewhat port heavy, but still has time to relax. Day 1 - Miami Day 2 - Sea Day D
  9. As always trying to figure out how to start off another LIVEish. Laying in the room at the Embassy Suites on 17th in Ft. Lauderdale overlooking the port Adventure will soon be docked at. Yesterday (the 4th) was a travel day, sitting on a bus (RedCoach) from 7:30 in the morning until just a bit after 5:00 (versus the scheduled 4:10) in the afternoon. Didn't really have much of an opportunity to move around at the Orlando stopping point. Due to traffic delays outside of Gainesville we were running around 30 or 40 minutes late. As a result when we hit Orlando we were transferred to differen
  10. Hey Everyone! We're on Celebrity Edge for a three night preview cruise ahead of our seven night sailing in January. Follow the live blog at the below link, and of course look for loads of pics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I'll answer questions as quickly as I can. Spoiler: This ship really lives up to the hype. Not perfect, but truly impressive. https://www.cruisehabit.com/tags/celebrity-edge-live-blog
  11. Figured a day late (and a month late in some cases) is better than nothing... Booked itinerary is as follows: Tampa, Sea day, Cozumel, Sea day, finally back in Tampa. This is the same run that @Mattdid last month and I decided to crash his anniversary sailing. So a forewarning, due to not doing a LIVEish on that sailing I'll be throwing in some of the pictures I took on that sailing. For these that are new to reading my LIVEish. Check out my previous one to get an idea of what fine quality work I produce:
  12. Not live any more, but this was our live blog of our Canada and New England Cruise. https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/08/31/canada-and-new-england-cruise-live-blog-day-1/
  13. I am still new to this board but have read and learned so much over the past few months. Thank you all. Right now I am laying in bed on the 2nd day of an Eastern Caribbean itinerary. I have sailed Voyager and Freedom class before and was excited but worried about the size of this class. My verdict is in, Oasis class gets two thumbs up. Here are my observations from the first two days: - it's all about the width. The extra space creates venues that are not just larger but not pass throughs to other parts of the ship. Boleros and the Schooner bar are two examples much more self contain
  14. I normally start this sooner and on a different tone. But staying a few nights prior in Tampa got in my way (in a good way). Booked itinerary is as follows: Tampa, Sea day, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Sea day, finally back in Tampa. However I'm not sure if my new friend Gordon will change those plans. For these that are new to reading my LIVEish. Check out my previous one to get an idea of what fine quality work I produce: LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018) For the record yes, I'm slacking. Still at the hotel debating when to le
  15. Sorry to say... I'm back again ready to provide another quality LIVEish! This time around I'll be on the Oasis of the Seas for Halloween. For those that want to get an idea of what I'll be posting look back at my last journey on board Also, keep an eye on Twitter/Periscope for any material not posted here. Twitter/Periscope: @CGTLH
  16. Have no fear @Lovetocruise2002 I will indeed being doing my live blog in hopefully all its usual glory. Finally, my turn again to set sail! As you might have guessed based on the topic I'll be setting sail onboard Harmony of the Seas. This will be my second time onboard Harmony and sailing ninth sailing on an Oasis class ship. Itinerary brief, Eastern: Ft. Lauderdale, Sea Day, Sea Day, St. Maarten, San Juan, Labadee, Sea Day, Eviction in Ft. Lauderdale An idea of what is to come can be seen on my last LIVEish from January on Oasis Only one new toy this time aro
  17. Greetings all. I'm writing to you from my pre-cruise hotel listening to the dulcet tones of airbuses and boeings flying overhead as I await the arrival of the Anthem tomorrow morning. Travelling with me is my wife, 3 year old daughter and a friend of ours who has NEVER CRUISED BEFORE. We are staying in a grand loft suite (I feel she may be screwed for any subsequent cruise if she likes...) I'll do my best to post here daily but copious amounts of watered down American beer (if you can call it that) may get in the way. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll do my best to answe
  18. Going to keep this post sweet and simple. As you might be able to guess from the topic title I'm once again heading off on another voyage onboard Oasis. To get an idea of what to expect from me take a look back at my previous Oasis LIVEish over Halloween. Also, keep an eye on Twitter/Periscope for any material not posted here. Twitter/Periscope: @CGTLH
  19. I'm very much looking forward to my cruise on Anthem of the Seas coming up in 7 DAYS! I'm going to be posting live blogs from my website, but I'll also link to the posts here as well. I just did a periscope about the tech I'll be bringing with me. Very excited, and looking forward to doing periscopes and live blogs from the beautiful island of Bermuda, and wonderful Anthem of the Seas!
  20. OK, so it is Thursday and like me I have to even start packing. Well, my clothes at least. Camera gear and most of my electronics are packed on the other hand. Travel to the port plans are as followed. Taking RedCoach (upscale bus) from Tallahassee to Ft. Lauderdale Friday morning. This will be the third time using the service, second to Ft. Lauderdale. Cost was $168 round trip with a refundable fare, cheaper than flying (from Tallahassee) and would have been a bit less if choosing one of the other fare options. Friday night, I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites on 17th street. In t
  21. Greetings all! I know I'm a new comer to the Royal Caribbean Blog's Message Board. But trust me this isn't my first message board rodeo. Some of the content here is cross posted on another message board (If they won't let someone mention this site, I'm not going to mention their site!), but if asked I'll be more than happy to provide exclusive content. Trust me, I've provided this site a bit of content already! First off, I want to give Matt a shout out for the hard work he does. Trust me, I know how much of a pain in the rear it can be running a site devoted to a Cruise Line. Many many m
  22. Monday 14th October Would you believe woke up at 4am as we couldn't sleep, think this was down to excitement and looked out of the window and the Independence had already docked. We decided to start to slowly get ready and head down to breakfast at 06.30. At 09.30 am our taxi arrived and we took the 2 minute drive to the cruise terminal with the hope of checking in early. Luggage drop off was a breeze and to our amazement we were allowed to check in straight away at 09.40 and then allowed to board the ship at 10.45 (WELL DONE RC). As soon as we got on board we were wowed by the ship and after
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