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Found 12 results

  1. Can you "wander in" and be seated and order sushi or do you need a formal dinner reservation? I know there are some places where you can order ala carte and not have a formal reservation. This would be for the Quantum of the Seas. Also, with a reservation at Izumi, is sushi on the menu as part of the meal or is it extra/add on?
  2. I have purchased a 3-day deluxe dining package that requires us to select a premium restaurant on the first night. We were looking to use the package for the Izumi Hibachi dining but we are not able to reserve a reasonable time in advance. We are required to board as early as possible and then sprint for the restaurant to hopefully reserve a spot for the first night. My concern and my question is with the ability for individuals to make non-discount dining reservations now has anyone run into the issue of not being able to get a reservation because full-paying cruisers have filled the reservation spaces throughout the cruise for specific premium dining options? Would you advise canceling the 3-day dining package and just going ahead and reserve premium dining on an individual basis and on the days we prefer?
  3. We have 6 people in our group. 2 of us like sushi the rest don’t. We all have the unlimited dining package. Does anyone know if you can get sushi from Izumi to go by calling in an order or going to the restaurant to order so you can take it to the pool deck? Asking because the last time we were on the ship Izumi was constantly booked full and we couldn’t get a seat but we want sushi. It’s an odd request but I thought maybe someone has tried.
  4. Hi guys! First time cruiser-to-be here, getting ready for my independence of the seas cruise next week. I made a reservation for Izumi Hibachi for 45.99. I’ve seen the menu online, and saw that you have 2 teppanyaki options, for 2 different price levels. So, how does that work exactly? Didn’t I pay in advance? And what if I wish to get the more expensive option? Got a bit confused there. thank you! And safe cruising for everyone.
  5. Hello! We were told on Oasis that they are not allowing takeout orders from Izumi. Has anyone else encountered this lately or is this new? Pre-pandemic on Symphony we had no issue with that.
  6. Hi All, We are cruising on Symphony in Feb 2019 and while I love sushi, my wife does not. On other ships she has joined me and ordered the Hot Rock, but I understand since Symphony has Hibachi they do not have the Hot Rock available. We are wondering if there are any other non sushi options in the Izumi menu on Symphony. Thanks Marc
  7. Up until this week's CP sale, Izumi was an a la cart reservation (no charge on the CP, a la cart pricing in restaurant) on the CP, now it shows $49.99 per person on our July 2019 Alaska Southbound. Interesting. . .
  8. Just looking at pre-booking dining on our March 10-15 Navigator of the Seas cruise. Looking at Izumi's menu on Royal's website, and about half the choices have been removed. I checked menus on other ships and it looked identical. No ramen, no hot rocks, basically nothing but sushi and sashimi. Has anyone tried Izumi lately? Has the menu gotten smaller?
  9. Hi all, I have attached copies of the specialty restaurant menus available on Explorer of the Seas. I feel hungry just looking at them again. Chops_Grille_Explorer - Menu.pdf Giovannis_Table_Explorer - Menu.pdf Izumi_Menu - Explorer.pdf
  10. Hi! Going on a cruise with my husband and parents in May on Allure of the Seas. My dad just bought the Izumi Hibachi Experience dinner for the first night of the cruise. I just wanted to make sure - is this a flat charge or will we have to pay for additional things as well? I've included a snippet of what it looks like on the cruise planner. I was just making sure, because I thought Izumi was a la carte pricing and you had to pay for what you wanted. Oh - and we are going on Allure of the Seas. Thanks!!
  11. I’m sure this has most likely been asked before so I apologise in advance. I have purchased the ultimate dining package for my Oasis cruise later this month and wanted to ask about Izumi Hibachi. I’m sure I read somewhere that it wasn’t covered by the package but I wanted to know if the $35 credit would be applied against the cover charge or is it simply a case of the full charge being applied to my seapass account? many thanks in advance!
  12. Referring specifically to non-Hibachi variety of Izumi: I noticed Vision of the Seas has an Izumi, as does Anthem. I had the spicy miso ramen on Anthem and it was divine. I'll be on Vision in Feb and Apr 2018, in theory should that Izumi also offer it? I downloaded the menu from RC's website but didn't see it on there, but I also didn't see an indication that it was Vision-specific. The menu I downloaded for Anthem's Izumi said it had hot rock stuff, but when I went there they didn't have them... so, not sure how accurate the download menus are... Is each ship's Izumi unique, or do all Izumi's offer the same food options?
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