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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! It's been over five years since my last cruise on Royal Caribbean, and the dining options have changed a bit from back then. When I reserved that cruise, IIRC, I was given the option of two diffent times (let's say 6:30 pm and 9 pm, can't remember exactly...), and when we chose one of them, we'd eat at the same table with the same waiters (and the same other guests) every night. This time we're travelling with a group of 8 people, and we'd like to have (if possible) our own table with the same waiters every night, presumably the same time every night. How do I reserve this? Do I just grab the Main Dining Room with the My Time Dining option, for the same time for every day, and we'll automatically have the same table&waiter for the whole cruise? Thanks ?
  2. We are sailing on Independence of the Seas 12/6-12/10...we are going with friends...while we all chose My Time Dining, are we supposed to "pre-book" our times? or can we just walk up to the dining room when we're ready to eat? I cannot remember what we did on the last cruise...
  3. I'll be on the Allure in a few weeks for a 7-night cruise and I've booked the 4-night specialty dining package and plan on using the MDR for the remaining three nights. I understand that this arrangement doesn't really let me pre-book the nights and restaurants via cruise planner and Royal's going to auto-assign the Specialty Restaurants for me and I'll find out once I board. I want to go over the selections and make any adjustments I'd like pretty much the moment I set foot on the ship so it's all sorted before the masses arrive. Where do I go to get this changed? Head waiter of the MDR, or should I book it over to a specialty? I'd really like to set up reservations for all 7 nights to lock them in so if there's one stop I can make to take care of it all, that would be ideal.
  4. Hi! First time cruiser here as well as my first post! I will be cruising on Liberty of the Seas in April. I chose MTD because I thought it would allow more flexibility. However, I see that you can start booking the reservations now. It doesn't feel that flexible if I am still booking 2 months in advance, lol! So I have a couple of questions that I am hoping this forum can help me with. 1. If I don't book the reservations now, and wait until I am on the ship, is this a bad idea? 2. If I do book the reservations now, and decide I want to change them later (either before the cruise or on the cruise) is this something that I can do? 3. If I book the reservations but decide just to go grab a sandwich or slice of pizza, is this a faux pas if I don't show up to the reservation? Any additional tips are appreciated!
  5. Hi guys My MTD is now available to book for my cruise but I can't figure out how to book more than 1 day? Booked our 1st night and now it doesn't seem to want to let me book the others? Only gives me the option to modify. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Laura
  6. Can anybody help we are due to go on Indy in June and have had our documents come through and they have put our dining time down as 5pm, there are 5 in our group and they have all had the same notification. when we booked last year we asked for are usual dining time of 6.30pm. I emailed them and said that 5pm was to early they have now come back to us to say it is 5pm or 8pm take it or leave it. Has anybody had the same problem??
  7. Just wondering- we have My time dining reservations every night 7:30-9:30. Will I be able to make a reservation for a 9:30 show in My Cruise Planner? Anyone had experience with this? I am worried the system wouldn't allow this since they say to show up 15-30 minutes before a show starts (and we never take 2 hours for dinner).
  8. First time cruiser here and have been reading the Cruise Compass. Looks like there is My time Dining deck 3 and the Main Dining room deck 4 on Oasis. I thought when I signed up for My Time Dining that it would be in the main big dining room, no? If not where do they put you for My time Dining? I wanted to be the the large multilevel dining room I see on all their ads.
  9. For those of you who are booked on the 11 February 2017 sailing of the Harmony of the Seas (Stephanie ??), all dining options are open for booking ! This is a little surprising, really. This sailing is still 341 days out. This just goes to show that there is NO "norm" when it comes to when dining reservations options will open for any particular sailing. The dining options for my 23 December 2016 Navigator still aren't open. With the Harmony being a new build, I find open dining reservations this far ahead to be very unusual. Whatever... Just a note. I am in a 2 BR Aqua Theater Suite, which qualifies for the Star Suites package. This package is supposed to include unlimited specialty dining....however, when I chose a specialty restaurant to book, it showed the standard PP fee...so I did not book any specialty restaurants at this time. I will just wait and see what how they handle this. I have no interest in paying now and having them reimburse me later. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Surely they will figure out how make this work efficiently. Either that or I won't be making any specialty restaurant reservations until I get onboard and that sort of defeats the purpose of having open reservations options in advance... WOOHOO !
  10. We just made final payment for on our 8 day cruise on Navigator of the Seas in May 2016 we have a question on my time dining. We are a family of 3 and we like to eat alone when you do my time dining is it more likely to get a table by ourselves or would we be put in random larger table with three open sets. Or could we request a table for three in one of two main settings, how does this work? Thanks
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