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  1. Thanks everybody have tried again and it still states labels no longer available so will have to wait till we get to the dock , so looking forward to being on the brand new ship.
  2. I have tried to print my labels off for my trip on the symphony March 31st but it says that I can no longer do this and will have to collect them from the porter when I arrive at the port is this normal I thought you could print them of anytime. Do you think it is the new site????? I would prefer to have them on before I get there to save time. Has anybody else had the same problem ?
  3. I have a question also about transport we will be on IOS TA on 29th October and when we reach Port FLL we are going to stay in Miami on Ocean Drive for a few days before we fly back to the UK. So we were looking for advice about transport as we are not sure 1/ How long it takes to get through Customs 2/ what the cost would be or would we just be able do get a taxi outside the Terminal . I would book a car but not sure how long it will take us to get through passport control. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. They actually called my sister- in - law and spoke to her and said this is all thy could offer 5pm or 8pm
  5. Can anybody help we are due to go on Indy in June and have had our documents come through and they have put our dining time down as 5pm, there are 5 in our group and they have all had the same notification. when we booked last year we asked for are usual dining time of 6.30pm. I emailed them and said that 5pm was to early they have now come back to us to say it is 5pm or 8pm take it or leave it. Has anybody had the same problem??
  6. Hi Everybody We will be cruising in October on Indy from the U.K across to the Carribean and then end up in Fort Lauderdale I have booked a hotel on Ocean Drive for 3 days. Has anybody got any idea the best way to get there from the port and what the cost maybe. Thank You
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