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  1. Looks like the aforementioned bug has been fixed, and I'm able to book complimentary services ? I pre-booked the My Time Dining for all of us (8 persons) for each evening. The selected time slot doesn't show in the confirmation e-mail, and I'm wondering am I just supposed to remember it myself (we have two different time slots varying from day to day, because of entertainment scheduling), or will they be printed and availeble in the in-room leaflets or TV or anywhere else? Here's a pic of day 1 for example, it shows the dining, but not the time slot (I selcted 05:45 PM for day 1). And at the My Calender page in the Cruise Planner, why does it say "at your leisure" in front of the My Time Dining, since I deliberately chose a time slot at 05:45 PM?
  2. This also confuses me. When trying to checkout the MDR reservations, it asks for name and e-mail address, and specifically says that no credit card info is needed because every item is complimentary in my order (there isn't even a place to enter credit card information). After clicking Check out, I get this message, and the items still are in my "shopping cart" waiting to be ordered. I don't get any e-mails, not even in the spam folder...
  3. Another question... Does this mean that all the Main Dining Room times between 05:45 and 07:45 have already been reserved and there's no way to book a 6:30 table?
  4. Thanks a lot ellcee ? Our cruise is in about 2,5 months from now, is it already possible to see the schedules of evening shows etc, to make it easier to find a suitable time for dinner reservations?
  5. Hi! It's been over five years since my last cruise on Royal Caribbean, and the dining options have changed a bit from back then. When I reserved that cruise, IIRC, I was given the option of two diffent times (let's say 6:30 pm and 9 pm, can't remember exactly...), and when we chose one of them, we'd eat at the same table with the same waiters (and the same other guests) every night. This time we're travelling with a group of 8 people, and we'd like to have (if possible) our own table with the same waiters every night, presumably the same time every night. How do I reserve this? Do I just grab the Main Dining Room with the My Time Dining option, for the same time for every day, and we'll automatically have the same table&waiter for the whole cruise? Thanks ?
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