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Found 17 results

  1. It's been a roller coaster for us. We've had to cancel two cruises over the past year and reschedule another. Hoping this itinerary sticks. Lol. Since we're less than 90 days away from this one, I'd like to think it'll come to fruition. Anyone else out there on this sailing?
  2. Who else is ready to cruise for the holidays??? I don't know about you, but I am so excited!!! I will be sailing with my family of five for the very first time! Everyone is a new cruiser except me. I have been on two cruises in the past with Norwegian. I am looking forward to experiencing Royal Caribbean, which comes highly recommended from my cousin. 265 more days to go...
  3. Just booked this holiday cruise at a remarkably low cost! TA says it's filling up very quickly already even though it's almost two years away. This will be our first time cruising during the holiday and we're really looking forward to it. Amy (and Frank)
  4. Had to drop by to see her today. YouTuber hard at work... Dozens of crew waving to us from their balconies. Blogger still hard at work.
  5. Hi, does anyone know if there is a Vitality cafe on Adventure (either next to the spa or next to the gym)? Would they serve smoothies and/or green juice? I have Refreshment package, so if they do serve, would it be included in the Refreshment package? And if there's no vitality cafe, then is there a place to get smoothies or fresh juice in the morning? TIA
  6. Hello All, I was looking at possibly booking the Chefs Table for our sailing in October. Can anyone tell me if the menu RC posts on their website is the same menu every day or is it just an example? Also those who have experienced it, how much have you paid for it... i.e. what should i keep my eye out for on the Cruise Planner for a good deal? TIA
  7. As always trying to figure out how to start off another LIVEish. Laying in the room at the Embassy Suites on 17th in Ft. Lauderdale overlooking the port Adventure will soon be docked at. Yesterday (the 4th) was a travel day, sitting on a bus (RedCoach) from 7:30 in the morning until just a bit after 5:00 (versus the scheduled 4:10) in the afternoon. Didn't really have much of an opportunity to move around at the Orlando stopping point. Due to traffic delays outside of Gainesville we were running around 30 or 40 minutes late. As a result when we hit Orlando we were transferred to different bus that immediately left. Good thing for me, not getting to sleep until 4 am allowed me to sleep just about the entire journey. After getting dropped off at the Ft. Lauderdale airport used Lyft XL for the somewhat quick trip from airport to hotel, most of that time I'm sure was spent just getting out of the arrivals area of the airport. For those that are curious about cost: Lyft XL fare (3.64mi, 13m 21s) $19.36. Booked once again the "Premium Suite", sad to report that our friend the vending machine is gone. Been replaced by a snack basket that was left in the room. One of the great things staying in this area is the easy access to a shopping center. With that in mind and a cue from so many in the past wound out having dinner at La Bamba. Wound up ordering the Fiesta Combination that consisted of Chicken Burrito and Chunk Beef Enchilada plus served with yellow rice and refried beans. By the time we left it was getting on the busy side. With some time to kill and wanting to do some walking to help things settle wound up walking down to explore Total Wine. No purchases for onboard consumption, not much of a wine drinker. After a bit headed back to the hotel to enter a blissful food coma for a bit (yes more sleeping) and then finally getting around to posting this. What is to come on Adventure is going to be a new port stop for me, St. Kitts. Prior to St. Kitts a somewhat typical eastern run: Labadee, San Juan, and St. Maarten. This post is in honor to my dear friends the "Premium Suite" vending machines. Your selections will be missed.
  8. I'm doing something I never do and don't recommend. I'm flying in the day of the cruise, tomorrow. Coming from the US West I'm taking a red eye tonight at midnight to NYC then off to San Juan in the morning landing in San Juan at 12:05pm. I booked air through Royal's Air2Sea program plus I have travel insurance so between the two and with a evening sail away I'm rolling the dice. I came across a deal on this 5 Night cruise and couldn't pass it up. $549 all in, solo in a balcony with $50 OBC. Air2Sea was actually cheaper than Delta direct plus it provides some limited coverage in case of delays. Between air and cruise fare I'm right at $1k for this trip. Shortly after I booked the news of a cheap cruise broke and many members of the RCPeriscopers.live group jumped on board including @mpoole3 who will be live blogging on the main page of RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com so this will be a light blog for me. Keep an eye on the main page for his blog. We have one port of call on this cruise, St Maarten. I have no plans this time and may just take a taxi to Maho Beach and explore that area and a few beaches nearby. On my last stop in St. Maarten I took a coastal catamaran and we sailed past Maho Beach but we were offshore. There are few other beaches close by so I may just beach hop this time. After St Maarten on day 2 we have 3 sea days on our way to Bayonne, NJ where Adventure will spend the summer alternating embarkations with Anthem. On this cruise I transferred the booking over to mpoole3's brother who is a travel agent which netted another $50 in OBC. Consequently gratuities are covered and I'll have little left over for a few drinks since I'm sailing without a drink package. I'm traveling light having crammed everything into a 22" carry on suitcase. That'll help if I have flight delays or need to leverage Air2Sea to fly me to St. Maarten. I should have enough time for a shower in the JFK Delta Sky club in the morning. With no checked luggage I'll have everything with me in the club and as soon as I board Adventure in San Juan. Two other new additions for me on this cruise are a new travel router and some iPhone lens(es). Credit for this travel router goes to @Galveston Steve and credit for the Moment iPhone lens goes to @JLMoran. Indeed this blog has the effect of causing people including myself to spend some money! I've used the new travel router on a couple of business trips to share my free wifi plan on Delta courtesy of TMobile so my non-TMobile work phone and laptop could join. It worked well for that so in the interest of traveling light I'm leaving my trusted travel router at home. It's been a while since I've taken a red eye but it's practice for my overnight flight to Barcelona to join Symphony on her transatlantic to America in October. Looks like my inbound aircraft is now in the air on its way here. So far so good.
  9. I came across this cruise by accident and saw a decent fare for 13 nights on a recently refreshed ship so I had a YOLO moment and booked it. This is a repositioning cruise, part of Adventure's migration from Bayonne, NJ (her summer home port) to Ft. Lauderdale (her winter home port). Day 1 - Quebec City Day 2 - Quebec City Day 3 - Sea Day 4 - Charlottetown, PEI Day 5 - Sydney, Nova Scotia Day 6 - Halifax, Nova Scotia Day 7 - Saint John, New Brunswick Day 8 - Bar Harbor, Maine Day 9 - Portland, Maine Day 10 - Boston, MA Day 11 - Sea Day 12 - Sea Day 13 - Canaveral, FL Day 14 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL I had a hard time finding decently price flights with decent times directly into Quebec City so I looked at Montreal and found a much cheaper flight. Adding a car rental and it was still cheaper plus I could fly first class less than coach to Quebec City so I jumped at it. No excursions booked, just going to wing it and work some days. This cruise starts with an overnight in place at Quebec City. That is actually a really great way to start because Quebec City is a wonderful old city with great history. While you could fly in days earlier you would have hotel and meals to cover so this way the ship is my hotel and meals are included. Cruising solo the fact I'll get 26 points in the C&A loyalty program wasn't lost on me. For some folks that takes 3 or 4 cruises to achieve. That also propels me to the point I'll get a glass block on Symphony on my next cruise. YOLO!
  10. Hello! First time cruiser here - am curious about a few things. 1. We booked our cruise (Adventure of the Seas, 7 nights, leaving July 6, 2018) through Expedia - I cannot figure out if dining gratuities are included. If not, what is the cost associated with 7 nights? 2. How does my time dining work? I see you can book a time to reserve your main dining room table every night. Can you choose different times each night? What happens if you change your plans and don't show up? Are you charged? Will they cancel future times? 3. To clarify - the buffet and main dining room are included in the cost of your cruise. Only specialty restaurants will be an additional charge? Thank you in advance! I am a crazy Disney World trip planner so I don't know how I didn't realize similar planning would need to happen for a cruise!
  11. Greetings! Please help! I'm looking for a recent Cruise Compass, with the same itinerary as our 4/28/18 Adventure cruise out of San Juan. We have 2 sea days on days 2 & 5. Any help will be appreciated, as we are trying to book dining, etc. for our family reunion/50th anniversary cruise! Many Thanks???
  12. Looking at excursions for our upcoming cruise in December on Adventure of the Seas. I am thinking that Nachi Cocum (sp?) in Cozumel would work that day. Any other recommendations for any of the ports. I know that some of the extended family wants to see some Mayan ruins. December 2 - Leave Fort Lauderdale December 3 - Sea Day December 4 - Grand Cayman December 5 - Costa Maya December 6 - Cozumel December 7 - Sea Day December 8 - Disembark Fort Lauderdale
  13. Adventure's dry dock date starts as of tomorrow and will go until mid-Feb. I realize that they are just finishing up the last refurb (adding panoramic state rooms, Izumi, ect). What else does everyone hope to see out of a 30 day dry dock? I myself would like to see her get a fresh coat of paint. Simple yet does so much.
  14. Since both ships are in dry dock near each other, has anyone seen any pics? I have been searching and haven't found anything yet. The webcam in Freeport is offline.
  15. Matt, I just thought I'd give an update about what I saw on the Adventure of the Seas webpage this morning- I was looking this morning at pricing on our cruise in February on Adventure of the Seas and noticed some changes to RCI's site. First off, if you go to the AOS page, it now lists things as "coming soon", like the FlowRider, the water slides, Boleros Latin Lounge, etc. When I started digging deeper, in going to the deck plans, I noticed that they have started to spell out specifically where the changes will be taking place. Here they are: -Flow Rider- Aft deck 13 (all the way back) -Water Slides- Aft deck 13 (one side of the Flow Rider) -Splashaway Bay- Aft deck 13 (other side of the Flow Rider) -10 new inside cabins- deck 3 next to the Photo Gallery (that's how I read it anyway) -19 new cabins- deck 3 where Jesters used to be -Chops Grill- deck 4 where Jesters used to be -Boleros Latin Lounge- deck 4 where the Aquarium Bar used to be -Aquarium bar- deck 4 across the Centrum from where it used to be -Card Room/Library- deck 5 where the Connoisseur Lounge used to be -Izumi- deck 5 middle of the Royal Promenade -38 more cabins- deck 12 in front and around the sides of the Vitality Spa -Suite Lounge- deck 14 where Seven Heart Card room and Cloud Nine used to be The pool deck looks like it remains untouched (thank goodness!). I hope that helps. Please add to this if you notice anything missing. Thanks and I look forward to seeing her all revamped!
  16. I am a brand new newbie to Royal Caribbean and excited about giving it a try. Looking at cruise on Adventure next year but I am very confused about this ship. First, it looks as though it is being refurbished mid-Oct to mid-Nov 2016 but I can not find any details. What will be added and/or changed? Why does it have so few specialty dining venues, especially compared to other ships in her class? Just seems odd. Any other thoughts about this ship? Any help would be appreciated. It is either this or Liberty, but I love the itinerery on Adventure. Thanks!
  17. Does anyone know what the table minimums in the casino are on Adventure?
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