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  1. My other half, MIL & FIL and I are taking the Majesty to Nassau & Coco Cay over Christmas. I went ahead and snagged the Sea World Explorer semi-submersible for the 4 of us while it was on sale yesterday for a few dollars off ($47 per person). It sounded like a good opportunity to watch the sea life, but I've been looking at reviews online about it and they're pretty mixed. Anyone here done that? MIL also thought the Land & Sea tour sounded interesting ($71 per person right now), which is a boat and bus tour that ends up at the Atlantis lobby but doesn't include any of the a
  2. There was a recent post on the blog that some of the Cabanas have been moved to the beach back in August: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/08/21/spotted-waterfront-cabanas-cococay Looks like they're correcting their mistake and putting the Cabanas where they ought to have been from the start. Not sure if they've moved them all by now or they're keeping some in each location.
  3. I was just there last week, but didn't look at the food menu . Cocktails varied, but the slushy rum things were about $9 if I remember correctly. We'll be back in Nassau over Christmas. If we make it over there, I'll snap a picture of the menu w/ prices.
  4. I tried their website https://www.sandytoesbahamas.com/, but I just got a 404 error when I tried to look at excursions.
  5. I get what they're trying to pull. It's stupid, but I get it. They're trying to spin the fact they're now requiring both adults to buy a drink package as some sort of "buy one get one" deal like they're doing you a favor. But whatever marketing lizard dreamt this up was too clever for the pricing system. $58 is full price (and possibly $60 on some sailings), half is $29; so $58 + $29 = $87 for both. Or $43.50 each if they just dispensed with the "buy one get one half off" nonsense and told you what it really was that the pricing system is at least showing honestly despite whatever ban
  6. Ah, I was going to suggest getting a smaller package and taking turns with who's logged in at one time, but that makes sense if the gang is going off to do their own exploring. My other half and I are just getting one device so we can keep in contact with family ashore. Communicating between each other aboard adds a wrinkle. I wish they'd offer a free/cheap option to allow messaging between passengers on the ship without having to buy a full Internet package.
  7. Yeah, I had the same result. Internet was only a dollar cheaper in the drink bundle. I was better off getting the Deluxe Drinks + Ultimate Dining by about $4. I'm only doing a single device Internet package. How come you're going w/ the 4 device package?
  8. The combo deal just appeared in mine when I looked, $65 /day for me! Drink package dropped to $45 / day. I had already booked ultimate dining for about $24/day, so I cxled that and booked the combo. I'm netting a $14 / day savings (times two people, times seven days = almost 200 bucks!) Hooray!
  9. FINALLY, a deal on the Refreshment Package for my upcoming Christmas sailing on the Majesty! Nothing yet on my March trip on the Allure, however.
  10. Oh, I don't doubt there are blogs calling the ship shabby. You'll always find blogs written by people with an axe to grind who will be negative about everything *cough*cruisecritic*cough. Take exceptionally negative reviews with a big grain of salt, and try to read between the lines. Can't please everybody, and sometimes people have legitimately bad experiences that the line could've handled better. But sometimes they just had a bad day that was no fault of the cruise line and it colored their whole experience, and sometimes they're just miserable people who are impossible to please.
  11. I haven't been on Majesty yet, but based on what I've read and what I remember from her sister ship the Monarch, there's no real difference. It's one big two-story dining hall spanning Decks 3 and 4. You enter on whichever deck you're assigned to. Not sure if they break it up by time or just put you wherever your party size happens to fit when tables are assigned. Menus and everything else are the same. I think the chairs are different colors, but that's about it for differences.
  12. Not right now, but a lot can be rebuilt in 2 months. They need to focus on getting critical infrastructure back up and running and saving lives right now. But once the absolute essentials are back, it's also extremely important to get the residents' livelihoods back up and running too. Tourism is a big part of the economies on these islands, so getting the cruise ships back in are a high priority.
  13. Wow. Maybe some bad publicity and shame might change their mind, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I would definitely post on Twitter and other social media about this. That occasionally gets results. This is a really tone-deaf bean counter decision.
  14. Call them and politely ask about a refund. They might have some leeway in granting them and just didn't advertise it in the email. If you booked through a travel agent, call your travel agent first. They probably know the real scoop already and what you can expect. Also, travel agents can call in and get to reps with a little more power than the public-facing hotline. The airlines do this all the time. It's an insanity only a Marketing MBA could've dreamed up. They collect data based on what people are willing to pay to fill a plane to get from point A to point B and how profitab
  15. Hi all, I live in Central Florida, but I've never actually sailed out of Port Canaveral (aside from the Casino boats, but those are day trips). Where do you all like to park? I heard that Park n Cruise took heavy damage from Hurricane Irma and I'm not sure if or when they will be back up and running. What are good options that some here have used in the past? Thanks!
  16. Also check w/ your cell provider. Some of the destinations may have cheap or free texting once you're ashore and away from the ship so you can check in to make sure everything's ok at home.
  17. Alternatively, you may have success using a USB OTG adapter for your phone: https://www.amazon.com/Micro-Cellphone-Tablet-Non-Retail-Packaging/dp/B00AYPEL56/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1505829956&sr=8-7&keywords=usb+otg You'll need an Android phone that supports USB OTG (many do, but not all).
  18. It's not required to have your passport, but it's a good idea to bring it anyway. A medical emergency could separate you from the ship and you'll need a passport to get back in the US.
  19. Nothing on my Allure cruise in March of next year. :(
  20. My other half will frontload, but I prefer to tip as I go so I don't need to worry about shift changes or bartenders rotating to another venue.
  21. I like the idea of the earliest price being the best price and knowing I don't have to keep checking up until final payment date. I'd also get mad if a price significantly dropped after I got locked in. But they should be filling all of their balconies and suites. If any of those are going to sail empty, upgrade the C&A customers from lower berths.
  22. Slots are easy, since the machine always knows what you're betting, but table games are still a mystery to me. I have seen pit bosses walking around scanning tables with tablets in hand--maybe they're taking note of what the players have on the table at the time and the system figures out an average based on those samples. I know some Vegas casinos are using machine vision in the cameras over the tables and RFID tags embedded in the chips (chips in the chips...) but I doubt Royal's that fancy.
  23. Casino points have always been an utter mystery to me. What's it really tracking? What I put in, lose, win? Or is it just adding up every bet I make? How do they track that at table games?
  24. Interesting this has the PADI branding on it, I guess it's a way to introduce families to the organization who might want to go for Scuba certifications down the road.
  25. I can cook a steak at least as well as a steak house too; probably better since I get to decide exactly how I want it and it's a fraction of the price. I've had the choice between booking with a $50 OBC or a $50 Costco gift card I'll pick the gift card every time. I can put together a NICE steak dinner for two under $50 with sides, wine, and dessert. You'll blow past $50 for just the steaks at a steak house. That said, there's a certain appeal to being waited on and having someone else cook for you. I would certainly never say NO if somebody wanted to take me to a nice steak house!
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