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  1. Personally, I think the photo packages are a Great Value if you plan to use them to the fullest. My family have purchased the All Digital plan on Allure and had over 275 pictures in the end. We had 2 cabins and 6 persons total and all of our pictures were included solos and group shots.
  2. All RC ships that I know of that sail out of Florida go by Eastern and stay on Eastern the whole cruise.
  3. There is a certain number people they will allow in a group photo, but if you are in the photo (the package purchaser) it should be included. On my Allure Sailing 10/22 all group pics of our party of 6 were included and only 1cabin had the package.
  4. On the Cruise Planner (based on my Allure sailing it was $249 digital or print we had 370 pictures) that covers the 2 adults in the cabin and if those folks have children under 21, even if in a different cabin It includes them as well. Any pictures the 2 persons in the purchasing cabin are in will be included in the package.
  5. Thanks Matt, and to all the Insiders!
  6. I thought Matt said on a Facebook live the other day a new feature that started for the cruise compass page was the ability to Download them... How I'm not sure yet
  7. Any one know the reason RC has cancelled and dropped the Red Stripe Beach excursions in Jamaica?
  8. Has anyone heard that the reduced deposit when you book onboard in NextCruise is going away sometime in August? and if so do we know the new plan? Thanks for any info
  9. Thank you all, love hearing everyone's fav places I'll let you know where we go and what we think of the food.
  10. I'd love to get a list of great places to eat in Cozumel. We will have kids in our group so has to be kid friendly and family valued priced, please...Thanks
  11. there is an Allure of the Seas Facebook group that has scanned copies of the kids club activities in its files.
  12. Who has the Best Off-Site Parking in Ft.Lauderdale for Port Everglades? Thanks
  13. Matt, do you know if there is a recent posting of Taxi rates in Cozumel? Thanks for all you do
  14. the walk is fine thats kinda what we wanted to do, but thanks for verifying the store.
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