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  1. When did the menu change? We went to 150 CP on Oasis on our cruise at the end of October and really enjoyed it. I've eaten at 150 CP on all the Oasis class ships and I've always enjoyed it.
  2. Love those mostly private restrooms up there. And there is a round shower that's good for a quick cooldown when needed.
  3. I didn't even realize the signature was an option until now. Thanks!
  4. Site has been down most of the day, so...what do you think? Offline for maintenance This app is undergoing maintenance right now. Please check back later.
  5. Have a great time! Does this mean that @Matt is going to be at Coco Cay for the 78th time in the past 6 months?
  6. 150 CP has consistently been the best on Oasis class ships.
  7. Yes. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise
  8. The STATUS is reciprocal. The POINTS are not.
  9. Anomaly only because I didn't expect them to be the same. Not that they're incorrect.
  10. No. They're both correct. Just odd they are the same.
  11. Just noticed that I have the same exact points on Royal as I do on Celebrity. Of course you get around 4x the points on Celebrity than you typically get on Royal, so not exactly equal. Still interesting and unexpected.
  12. I had some small scissors in my toiletry bag so I trimmed the loose end so it wasn't so flappy. Wasn't having a bathroom issue. More of an issue with it getting into my food.
  13. I'm thinking he was planning to, then decided not to during COVID. But, we probably will never know (unless he says something, which is possible).
  14. It's funny. I've done so many of the things listed here ONCE! And I feel I'm a better person for it.
  15. I would never buy art on a cruise ship (okay, never say never. But I don't ever expect to do it.), but I have sat with friends who do occasionally buy something. I'm actually going to say, check it out! It's actually kind of fun to watch. And I don't think I even took their cheap booze.
  16. Someone I know was "wearing" hers on her lanyard and that was completely fine. You just reminded me of that.
  17. It's normally 16+. But it's possible it's different during COVID times. I was just on Oasis and I have to say I don't recall which it was.
  18. I meant the silky one. I see you meant the rubber one.
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