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  1. Yes, this would be my 2nd cruise, but 1st with Royal Caribbean. Thank you, I’ll reach out if I have questions. Are you familiar with the spa? From other discussion posts I’ve read that it’s better to purchase on board because of daily specials. I’ve already booked everything I wanted, with spa activities being the exception.
  2. Thank you Ashley, you touched on what I was wondering about, whether I should just pay for ala carte or the dinning package. I don't like having a bill at the end and would prefer to have everything paid upfront..
  3. Hi Fellow Cruisers.... This may be a weird one..... I have had a few surgeries where I am not able to eat more than a 1 to 1 1/2 cups of food at a time. What a waste on a cruise right? I want to do specialty dinning, but contemplating whether I need a package or not. I can't do appetizer, main, and dessert in one sitting.... so for my experienced cruisers, what would you suggest?
  4. Hi Sailors, Looking forward to our cruise next year! Thread for questions and meet-n-greets.....
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