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  1. Makes sense to me, if bookings are lukewarm out of Bermuda, and the 'powers that be" know something the rest of us don't, they may be telling the fleet to come home because things are about to ramp up fast..... which is a very good thing.
  2. For those of you considering this (and I know there are a few of you) --- this would NOT be permitted in the MDR on Formal Night --- SHORTS NOT ALLOWED ?
  3. Totally understand..... my mother ended up going a little further east and found herself at the Harmony Golf Preserve.....She likes being a little outside of town, plus, if she wants to head over to Melbourne, it's an easy (and God awful boring) 30 minute drive down 192.
  4. Here I am asking Governor Hogan to open the Cruise Maryland Terminal back up. Glad he listened ????
  5. Then that means starting Thursday, New Jersey will lift theirs ...... ?
  6. Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia have all lifted their mask mandates. The Cruise Maryland Terminal in Baltimore is technically open, just waiting for cruises to resume.
  7. After today's announcement from the CDC, I'm even more confident that this sailing will happen. There's a lot that can happen over the course of the next 4+ months.....heck, it seems as though things are changing by the day, which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.
  8. No --- they were not ..... As usual, we close out the schedule with the two of us. Down to the wire
  9. Done and Done .... with my customary can of Old Bay at the ready.
  10. Here's a link to what Hogan said yesterday. https://www.times-news.com/coronavirus/gov-hogan-covid-19-restrictions-to-be-lifted-saturday-for-maryland-businesses/article_81394be2-b362-11eb-88a2-6b8cafcc8147.html
  11. At a Press Conference, Governor Hogan said he's lifting all capacity restrictions on Saturday. The indoor mask requirement will stay in place till the state hits 70% of adults getting at least 1 shot (we're currently at 65%). Also, the Cruise Maryland Terminal is opening back up while industry leaders work with the CDC for a restart. In other words, Baltimore is ready, which should make those booked on Enchantment very happy.
  12. While I can't speak on the shipwreck excursion .... in regards to Horseshoe Bay .. yes, if you're forced to do a ship sponsored excursion, I guess this will work. During normal times, there are many easy ways to get to HB without having to pay for an excursion (taxi, van, Pink Bus) --- all very easy to use. Now, to answer your question, yes, they do rent umbrellas & chairs at the beach. There's also a nice little gift chop and a place to grab a drink and snacks. The fries were really good IMO. @JLMoran and I both love taking our wives to Bermuda. I think I can speak for Joe when I say, Bermuda is, by far, our favorite island. I know our wives love it there.
  13. The fact that this was going on should surprise nobody
  14. And while all the back & forth is going on with the CDC --- Ops Crews are quietly getting their vaccines ... Mariner's was in yesterday afternoon .... Oasis is in this morning .... I'm hearing that Enchantment will be this afternoon with Rhapsody getting theirs over the weekend .... This and mixing in the Celebrity Crews too.
  15. Another great restaurant that we love is called Squid Lips waterside grill. It's in Cocoa Beach (the south side of town)
  16. Looks like Rhapsody & Celebrity Silhouette are headed to Miami (currently out near St. Maarten) --- Celebrity Summit just arrived in MIA
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