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  1. I'm still mesmerized at the new word I just learned from @Matt AUTOMAGICALLY!!!! I will find a reason to use that.
  2. Yeah .... until we know for sure.... everything is up in the air ... Fortunately, thanks to a canceled cruise at the beginning of this crap, we could pivot very easily to Florida if need be thanks to unused credits with Southwest.... but, we're holding out hope for this one. The Mrs has never been to the NYC area so she is looking forward to that aspect of it.
  3. We're on in September also .....the 19th ---the folks in the Facebook group are feeling somewhat confident ..... If one ship is to make an appearance in the Metro area---it would be Oasis.
  4. Which is why, I tend to work with Credit Unions ... they're more local when it comes to the decisions they make, less restrictive when it comes to services and fees..... just an overall better experience.
  5. That makes perfect sense to me .... We're supposed to be on Oasis out of Bayonne in September .... I'm hoping we're safe. I'm having the same anxiety issues that I had leading up to our 3/29/20 Freedom Cruise that was ultimately canceled.... the anxiety of the unknown feels the same. Fortunately, we don't have other reservations in place, and, thanks to the cancellation of Freedom, we're sitting on a chunk of credits with Southwest Airlines, so, we could, at the last minute, switch to a Florida sailing if ours gets canceled.
  6. I'm rather surprised at some of the cancellations though .... for example, the port I'm most familiar with .... Baltimore, the terminal IS open, and yet, cancelled through August. Through July I could grasp, but that far down the road? Now, if the port was still closed, I get it, but this one has me baffled.
  7. The nice thing is.... the Cruise Maryland Terminal is ready to go.... Governor Hogan opened it back up a few weeks ago. Now, the only thing waiting is the test cruise for Enchantment.
  8. Infinity Cicadas. I'm hoping that with the snap of my fingers, I can make 50% of them go away ... Oh, and for what it's worth, this IS my hand, and these ARE in my backyard. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon.
  9. So --- basically, if they have to go this route, it would be no different than if WOW bands weren't available. Seems like a no-brainer to me. The benefits are def. worth the $5. Looking forward to it. Thanks Matt
  10. Question with the WOW Bands ..... so, if I'm laying by the pool and the waiter shows up, I don't need to fumble to get my card to order a drink? Does that person have a scanner that can scan my WOW band and that's it? If that's how it works... #gamechanger
  11. I'll probably start crying just by seeing the gangway .... although, the cheerleader in me just might have to come up with something to get everyone in line riled up...... let the party start in the terminal and carry over to the actual boarding of the ship --- Give Me an "O", Give Me and "A", and so on. I'd do a Faceplant into a plate of Escargot if given the chance.
  12. We booked Nachi back in '19. No issue on the finances being secure. We just put down the deposit, then paid the balance when we arrived.
  13. I know what you mean --- I ONLY wear my vintage Sovereign Of The Seas T-shirt as I board the ship on Day 1 (pics with the Mrs and one with my sister). I'm tired of it collecting dust ..... We need to board NOW!!!!
  14. We're also on 9/19 .... are you part of the Facebook group for this sailing?
  15. Bruce Lee had a brother that was a Vegetarian Broco Lee
  16. For us it was in Cayman Islands..... the combined visit to the Turtle Farm and Stingray City --- plus, we paid a visit to Hell, Boy was it HOT there... lol
  17. Duh .... that makes perfect sense ...
  18. If I had to look at trends the Michael Bayley posts when it comes to Crew Vaccinations .... usually, it seems it's a few hundred at a time when the ships are in port..... but a weird anomaly occurred over the weekend .... almost a thousand from Adventure OTS was vaccinated ..... makes me wonder if AOTS may be one of the test cruise ships. Just putting it out there.
  19. Brooklyn Cruise Terminal????? Cape Liberty is in BAYONNE!!!!! Different Town, Different State
  20. Something as simple as a random license plate makes you think of Cruising --- MTD means My Time Dining
  21. Actually --- is there anything? I guess the world will never know... thankfully
  22. Plus, flights to Nassau, especially from Florida are a lot less expensive and easy to come by (more airlines) than flights to Bermuda .... it only makes sense to keep the Adventure sailings
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