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  1. You know it @PG Cruiser! It would be awesome to have 11/15 be the inaugural, but I think she will start sailing sometime in the summer. Unless...well you know, something else happens, not like anything has happened yet ? It will be a fun sailing regardless!
  2. Nice! Welcome aboard! I booked this initially since it was the inaugural...still excited, and added a in short 3-night on Freedom right beforehand to make it worthwhile for 8-nights coming from the west coast! Congrats on the 25th friendship anniversary!
  3. Whew well this is good news for us on Alaska after the lawsuit vs the CDCf: https://www.ktoo.org/2021/06/18/judge-rules-in-floridas-favor-in-cdc-lawsuit-but-alaskas-cruise-season-is-still-on
  4. Whew well this is good news for anyone booked on Alaska including myself: https://www.ktoo.org/2021/06/18/judge-rules-in-floridas-favor-in-cdc-lawsuit-but-alaskas-cruise-season-is-still-on
  5. Okay whew...was beginning to get worried lol...hopefully that is the case.
  6. So the unvaccinated have to get a PCR test a minimum 3 days before the cruise, and then another PCR test at the terminal too, and the an antigen test before disembarking? I think Royal is trying to make unvaccinated people not go on the cruise ? that and all the masks requirement + not being able to go to certain events etc. Meanwhile...vaccinated guests --> Vaccinated guests do not have any testing requirements. Thumbs up from me (except wearing masks indoors if you're vaccinated part). I still think anyone who is eligible should be vaccinated before boarding a ship, but that's just my opinion. You want a safe restart to cruising. This is the way to do it.
  7. I got a feeling their vaccinated friends will say "yeah maybe we'll just see you around the ship" Lol
  8. Oh yeah good call, I didn't even think about bottled water.. I usually just grab water from the machines located throughout the ship which I think is safe to drink since it's been filtered. Yes to hot chocolate!!
  9. Although I think I may stick to a la carte like I have in the past...funny story, our last cruise before the shutdown was on the Norwegian Escape, and even with the "complimentary" beverage package, I only drank like 2-3 drinks per day. Crazy. And considering I have only drank once in the past 1 year... maybe good to pass on it... I will definitely drink on this cruise, mix of alcohol/non-alcohol but not enough to justify purchasing a package...
  10. Niiiice! I am debating getting the refreshment package... I don't really drink much alcohol so the beverage package doesn't interest me as much but the refreshment package might...not a bad idea to get a smoothie or two per day, fresh squeeze juices from spa/two70 cafe...mixed in with an alcohol drink here and there..
  11. Well...after starting this thread back at the end of March, 2.5 months later I am now booked on 7 cruises LOL... (in Signature). Yay for the cruising restart! So excited ?
  12. Heads up, beverage package at $50 per day and it's not even on "sale"? Wow
  13. Totally! It's sad to see man...sheesh...poor Odyssey can't catch a break... That pic is hilarious btw @PG Cruiser
  14. Notice that July bookings on Odyssey are not bookable at this time!
  15. Odyssey can't catch a break... ? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/06/15/royal-caribbean-delays-odyssey-of-the-seas-inaugural-sailing-us-due-covid-19-among-crew
  16. Oh wow... here is the article from Matt https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/06/15/royal-caribbean-delays-odyssey-of-the-seas-inaugural-sailing-us-due-covid-19-among-crew
  17. You're welcome! Just made my final payment tonight!! Can't wait ? I haven't booked any excursions yet, but I usually always go through the cruise line. It's a little bit more expensive but the peace of mind and assurance of returning to the ship without it leaving me is worth the cost, lol!
  18. Same here! I actually just changed my username to 'Cruising With JT' as I am in the process of creating a few cruise-related social media channels...but it's still me, johnt83 ?
  19. Changed my username to 'Cruising With JT' as I am in the process of creating a few cruise-related social media channels...but it's still me, johnt83 ?
  20. I grabbed it a few days ago!! Moved from 6652 since Deck 6 has more lifeboat obstruction ? hopefully it wasn't you that cancelled?! Will you still be joining us? I enjoy your pics/posts! Are you instagram?
  21. Totally get what you mean...COVID really disrupted life for the past 1+ year and it's finally looking like things are slowly but surely getting back to normal, although it will take time to get back to before the pandemic started. We aren't out of it yet but I feel like progress is being made. Smaller ships aren't bad or anything, they offer a different kind of experience. The smallest ship I ever went on was our first cruise in 2009 the Carnival Sensation which held around 2,000 people. We had a blast. Ships nowadays offer different experiences so if you have your eyes set on Europe, go for it! The ports will be worth it and any ship really Royal Caribbean has is pretty good. You're on a cruise and that's all that matters! As for dining, I am vegetarian so my options are somewhat limited in the specialty dining offerings... typically we eat in the Windjammer buffet and Main Dining room. On Ovation though, I am trying Jamie's Italian for the first time for lunch on our first sea day (Aug 28th) but that's all I have booked. Other than that I will be eating at the buffet, may go to the dining room once or twice (I am going solo so prefer not to eat a 1-2 hour meal by myself lol rather just eat and move on with other things), Solarium bistro looks good and of course my all-time favorite, Sorrento's pizza...I will be eating a lot of pizza and sandwiches from Cafe Promenade, oh and Cafe Two70!! They make AMAZING paninis, sandwiches and Salads. You will love the Two270 Cafe... grab a nice bite and go chill in the seating area while watching the amazing views from the back of the ship. Wonderland I hear is an experience so I would recommend doing that. I have never done it since it isn't really vegetarian friendly.
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