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  1. We got one too! We are in a Junior Suite, I may look at a GS, but depends on the extra cost.
  2. I am not a huge drinker myself but I am sure my hubby would like it, sounds like fun, I would be down. We do not have the DX pkg yet though ?
  3. Your TA is Kelley Hardy from MEI? That is my New TA too!!! I am happy to know another RC Blog friend is sailing with my Hubby and Myself, we will definitely have to hangout!! ?
  4. Thx John I have been MIA from the boards for a little while. I would love to have a meetup. Will be coming in the night before the cruise on August 26 I’m not sure where were staying yet, or what time we will get there, but I will definitely keep you in the loop I now work full-time with my job. The possibility of having a cruise in three months has lit the fire under my cruising addiction. I’m almost embarrassed to say... I was talking to my husband earlier, about lanyards and I said you know that card thing that they give us, ? I couldn’t think of the what it was called “Sea Pass”, that’s how long it’s been, in my mind since I saw a cruise ship, I drew a blank on what the Sailing Card was called!! LOL ?
  5. Hi all I am checking to see if anyone is on the sailing? I’m actually getting excited to think that I will actually be able to cruise in August to Alaska!!! ?
  6. Likewise!!! This is a awesome site for Blogging!! I know Matt Personally, and get to Cruise with him in 27 Days! He does a Amazing job with Royal Caribbean Blog!!! I will love reviewing your live blog! Have a safe trip home.
  7. They were in the Table right next to us in the MDR!!!
  8. Hey again, you were sitting right near us in the Main Dining Room!!!
  9. @TheHobbys Hey John, I am just curious, I could not find you, are you a member in our RC Periscopers group on Facebook group as well? If you are on Facebook, I would love to have you join us, it’s a very active community, of almost 2,900 Cruising RC Periscopers. just Search Royal Caribbean Periscopers on Facebook, or our Direct link is rcperiscopers.live CruisingKat
  10. Hello All! I know many of us have been to Nassau Bahamas, quite frequently, and some are bored with that port, and end up staying on the ship. This past February, my husband discovered a new place in Nassau called Jet Simulation Of Nassau, they opened up about a year ago. They have a 737NG simulator, that is just like the plane Simulators, that real pilots train on. They have a very extensive data base of airports and locations that you can take off and fly from. For my husband’s session, he chose a 90 minute session with two locations, Dubai & Saint Maarten. They also have real time weather conditions, depending on where were you select to fly, whatever is happening in that location is the weather that you get. You can also request a certain Weather condition, if you prefer to challenge yourself flying in a thunderstorm or something like that. They have spectator seats behind The captain and Co-captain seats. It is fun for the passengers to have this experience as well. I have Never been able to sit in a cockpit during a flight, until this point. They are located in “The Pointe” right next to the British Colonial Hilton. I have walking issues sometimes however,it is about a 10 minute easy walk from the ship.  I highly recommend, this one of a kind experience next time you visit Nassau Bahamas!!! http://jetlinesimulationbahamas.com/ 95C42239-A763-429E-9F79-B8B21554D4C9.MOV
  11. Yes That is a pretty pretty much accurate, we were able to walk it with no problem. I know the gentleman that runs this personally, he does a fantastic job making you feel at ease, & explaining everything. My husband did the flying, I got to sit in the cockpit behind him, they have spectator seats behind the pilot, and and co captain seats, and even that was so much fun for me.
  12. You are very welcome! I can tell you, for having been to Nassau so many times, I know a lot of cruisers are bored of Nassau, and don’t even bother getting off the ship, this experience is definitely worth getting off the ship! My husband had an absolute blast, it is so realistic. You definitely feel like you are flying in a real plane. I love it that they have true real time weather conditions, depending where you selected to fly to, and from. i definitely recommend this experience!!! just send them a E-mail to book!! http://jetlinesimulationbahamas.com/
  13. TheTwangster did it just a few Days Ago when he was in Nassau, & had a Blast!!! It is very amazing, to have something different to do in Nassau and it is very realistic!, I highly recommend!
  14. Hi travler i see you have been Periscoping, but have not been able to catch you live yet, I will keep trying. The #rcperiscopers is the RC Cruise Periscopers Group I Created, and Run with my Friend, and Fellow Admin, @KcJarvis. If you happen to have a Facebook account, check us out. You can search Royal Caribbean Periscopers on Facebook, or just type our Direct link into your Browser, Rcperiscopers.live. i Post a Monthly Cruise Periscope list here on RC Blog, as well as our Group on Facebook, and Cruise Critic, to help Periscopers to get followers and Promote live Streaming from our Cruises, with Periscope. I am @CruisingKat on Periscope.
  15. Hello All. I am going on Oasis Of the Seas. 8/5/18 with my husband, to celebrate our 21st anniversary. It was 2007, the last time I did Eastern Caribbean, Can anyone recommend excursions in St. Thomas, and Saint Maarten, post hurricane, that are reasonable priced, or even recommending a nice beach to go to, in one, or both of those places? Thank You in advance. ?
  16. Yes, that would be great!!! I will be staying in my Very First Suite, when I go on Enchantment 2-2-18, a GS. I am sure the Shower should be pretty decent in that Cabin. ?
  17. Hi There I have a group cruise on Enchantment of the seas, 2-2-18 I am trying to find out exactly when Enchantment of the sea’s, will be going into drydock? I know there has to be a place, to see a schedule for these. I would also like to know if it is possible to see what features will be done with the drydock, any upgrades and such? I feel like a newbie cruiser, asking this question, you would think I would know where to find this information by now, but I can’t seem to find it. ? Thank You in Advance for any help. ️CruisingKat️
  18. I am ok with you posting in the Rcperiscopers Group Cristina ?
  19. I did not think of that! I will have to try that. Thank you very much!!! ☺ï¸
  20. I don't want to be known as the cruiser referred to as princess and the Pea, HOWEVER...... I had a hard time sleeping with the pillows provided by Royal Caribbean. I do sleep with a memory foam pillow, and the pillows that Royal Caribbean has, did not seem to support my neck even with two pillows 😕 My next cruise again will be on majesty of the seas, for a group cruise on February 3rd. More than likely, I will be bringing my own pillow. 😉 Thank you everyone for your input. 😊
  21. Tyvm.I did not take them when I went on Allure this past May. I did not think about asking for extra when I was on Allure, but did have some sleeping issues. I do have neck & Migranes problems sometimes. If my Neck is not supported properly, I get migraines.
  22. Going on Majesty of the Seas tomorrow. I am laying here thinking if there is anything I am forgetting. I sleep with a memory pillow, as well as a Body pillow. I was going to bring my own pillows for this Cruise, but I can't justify the Space they take up. With that being said, I am wondering if my state room Attendant will be able to accommodate my Request, for like 2 extra pillows? My Friend has also stated she will want a extra pillow as well. Thank for any help answering this Question.
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