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  1. Sheraton OSJ is awesome. We are staying there in June before boarding the Adventure. It has great access to OSJ, restaurants, forts, great walking. But it has no beach and an pool isn't that great. I've stayed at the Caribe Hilton which was really nice for beach and pools. It's more expensive, and it's been a few years since I've stayed there. There is also a Sheraton near the Pan American Pier. However, they don't call it the "nothing to do Sheraton" for nothing.
  2. We bring our own gear whenever we are in the Caribbean. However, we don't lug our fins. Just the mask and snorkel. Easily fits in the suitcase, and you don't need fins in most of the Caribbean.
  3. I've been to St Thomas many times, and in fact have vacationed there outside of a cruise. Love the island. In most of the Caribbean you don't need to book a formal excursion. St Thomas is a prime example. You can take a short hike to town to shop a little or grab a cab to go anywhere on the island. Magens Bay is really nice. There is good snorkeling on both ends of the beach. There are options to rent a chair and lots of food and drink options. And it's beautiful. Ask your cabbie to stop on top of the hill so you can get a photo of the ships in port. There may even be a stopping point on the way down to take an over the top photo of Magens Bay. Someone said to allow 3 hours. I really don't think you need that much. If you are uncomfortable with the time back to the ship, you go right to Magens Bay from the ship and then come back early to do some shopping either in town or in the ship area.
  4. When are you going? If before June or after August, I'd prepare for cool to cold weather the first couple of days at sea and the last couple of days at sea. Old San Juan is great. The beach/shopping set-up through the water taxi at St Marteen is really good. Antigua has really cleaned up in the last 10 years. Good beach at the Sandals. St. Lucia has good beaches. Barbados has good beaches on the west coast and is beautiful on the east coast. I haven't been to St Kitts.
  5. Matt, I certainly respect your view. If I had a free cruise out of NYC in January, I'd take it. If I were choosing, I would discount it. Not having to fly is a big deal to some people. A couple of years ago, my brother was ill. He was unable to fly, but we were able to take two final cruises with him. He lived in Dallas, and we were able to drive to Galveston, TX to board. Winter cruises out of NYC don't really make sense to me, but they do to some people.
  6. I realize there are roughly 20,000,000 people who can drive to NYC to board a cruise. Not having to fly is a big advantage. However, if you had a choice, why would anyone book that cruise in the winter time? The first day at sea would be cold. Port Canaveral, Florida is not that warm this time of year. Sure you SHOULD get 3 to 4 days of nice weather in the Bahamas, but the last day back would be cold too. From RCCL's view, they now see the time will come when the Captain has to make a tough decision. Stay or go? If he stays, all the passengers are mad. If he goes, it could be ok, but it could be as bad as last week... or worse. I think they should move that ship in the winter.
  7. Hello. I'm looking for a little help. My wife and I sailed on the Adventure (my favorite ship) last April. There was a "white out" night. We didn't know anything about it. We are sailing on the Adventure again in June with 10 family members. Anyone know if there is a "white out" every week? Thanks.
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