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  1. Yes accidents do happen, I don"t know why the towel was on the floor!
  2. First cruise Aug. 2023 on Independence of the Seas for both of us. Our Daughter use to cruise on Carnaval and told the wife they had tours onboard, namely the kitchen. The wife wants to know if there are kitchen tours on Royal ships? Thanks for any info.
  3. Sailing Aug. 14th 4 night Bahamas first time ever! We will be celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to relaxing, having a few drinks, and the wife is going to be looking for the Lobster tails in the main dining room when they have them.
  4. First timer, Aug. 2023 on Independence of the Seas out of Port Canaveral. I have seen MDR and figured out it is Main Dining Room. Also have seen Amped ship. ??? What is that? Any others I should know?
  5. I have booked our first cruise for Aug. 2023. This will be for our 55th Wedding Anniv. Cruising out of Orlando, on Independence of the Seas. When boarding the ship, does anyone know what deck you will be on once on board? Kind of dumb question but would like to know where I will be and where to go. I over think at times!
  6. Going on our first cruise 8/23 for 55th Anniv. and both my wife and I have mobility issues. I use a scooter and wife uses a cane. I figure we will set our bags out the night before keep a small carry bag for meds etc, and just chill in the public areas till the crowds thin out. We live 40 min. from Port Canaveral and Daughter is picking us up so no hurry.
  7. Yes I have the app. and told me my start of check in would be June 30th.
  8. Thank you everyone for your answers. We will be on a 4 night Bahamas out of Port Canaveral on the Independence of the Seas. Yes we have been married for 55 yeas next August. Much like many others, life has been hard many times, but now this is something my wife has wanted to do for many, many years. There was a mention of a Set Sail Pass. will that be emailed to me? Thanks again.
  9. I have booked our first cruise for Aug. 2023. This will be for our 55th Wedding Anniv. Cruising out of Orlando, and have downloaded the APP. We will be buying the drink packages, and have read that you can use it as soon as you get on board. Will we be given any type of card to use? I hate sounding dumb, but I guess I am being our first Cruise. Thanks for any info you can give us on first day.
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