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  1. I just booked for March 2023 and the RCCL agent to me that we are allowed to cruise cause they lifted the vaccination requirements. On our reservation it states not vaccinated. No exemptions request needed. They just need to know the status of who in the room is vaccinated.! Wohoo my kids can cruise with me. I’m vaccinated but not my 16 year old. So happy that this is finally being lifted.
  2. Sadly, I called today and supposedly they emailed us June 22 that two of our family members one adult and one minor (16 years old) was denied for religious exemption cause of occupational capacity. The request was sent March 8. I have no emails In my spam folder either. Calling later so they can send me the email again. Sad that we need to cancel and it’s scheduled for next week July 23.:(.
  3. I’m still waiting since March 8. Cruise is on July 23. Haven’t heard anything.:(
  4. I hope to be on that cruise too. Have you been able to book your shows on the app? I haven’t. I’ve heard now it’s when we get there.??
  5. Has anyone had the experience of waiting to see if some members of the family are exempt for religious reasons? Our crisis is July 23 and the request was put in March 8. Also is it 90 percent or 95 percent vaccinated? The kids under twelve who are not vaccinated are included in the percentage??
  6. When did you request it? I requested on March 8 for July 23 Allure and haven’t heard anything..
  7. I put my request March 8 for our July 23 cruise. Still waiting. Glad you are approved. How much do you have to pay to be tested on board?
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