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  1. Smallpox is a virus (also with what are now referred to as 'variants') that has essentially been eliminated, because it was never politicized - it was stopped and people no longer dread getting it. We have people on the cruises acting as though there isn't a care in the world because we have allowed commerce to overwhelm medicine, and are now paying the price. Please folks - mask up on the boats - you can still be cool!
  2. I feel so badly for you. Our party of 4 got off Serenade last Sunday (May 15) in Vancouver after a beautiful Alaska cruise- drove back to the US and all 4 of us tested positive on Monday. We are on Paxlovid and will be ok, but my main worry are the good people in the towns of Southeast Alaska we visited who just have small health clinics..I hope we didn't get them sick. Royal needs to step up and be responsible, perhaps provide test kits for everyone to use before getting off in the port stops? This isn't looking good.
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