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  1. Grab a coffee and watch the sun rise from a beach.
  2. Hi, I did a quick look at the deck plans for the Odyssey of the Seas (https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/odyssey-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2141/06). I could not find a Junior Suite with an obstructed view (look for the following icon for an obstructed view). However, whether or not a suite is 'bad' would depend on how picky you are. For example, on the 6th floor, there are junior suites next to stairs and elevators.
  3. Now you can relax and get breakfast. Maybe visit a beach to extend your vacation?
  4. Thanks for this advice. I just sent in my passport renewal application. I used the website above to check my status even thought I knew they may not have received it yet. Yes, they have received my application and it is in process. I have included a copy of my status from the website. Easy Peasy!
  5. Thanks for this information. I never knew that you could get your passport stamped at location that normally does not stamp your passport. I am always sad when I visit a country and don't get a stamp. I have learned something new today. Thank you.
  6. Connecting rooms? I come from a family of 7 and raised 3 kids so I know what you mean that if a family is greater than 4, we lose.
  7. You will love the White Pass Train. For the train, sides does matter. I believe you want to be on the left side - when you are in a passenger car - facing the engine. Someone can correct me if I got that wrong.
  8. I have only been on a few cruises. One of my first cruise - we did not purchase anything extra except the internet. My last cruise with my siblings - they wanted to go to all of those specialty restaurants. We were only in the MDR twice. To tell you the truth - I can't remember most of what I ate - yes the food was good but I missed the MDR and have the same wait staff each night. My brother gets the deluxe drink package while I am very happy with the refreshment package - but again, I could have lived just on the ice tea and water. Keep it simple and save your money for the shore excursion. This way, maybe you will be able to afford 2 cruises with the money you save.
  9. I believe the answer is yes. I know that milkshakes were on the refreshment package.
  10. I believe that you should be able to make reservations to the specialty restaurants once you are on board. Immediately after boarding, run to the nearest restaurant and make your reservation. Good luck.
  11. Matt covers it here: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/09/18/how-tell-if-your-royal-caribbean-ship-almost-full Matt mentions CruiseFish.net. I was unable to reach that site but I found cruise.com.
  12. Get your kids involved. Have them watch the videos on your 2 finalists and let them pick the ship. There maybe one activity that they may want to do over another. I agree with @steverk. Go to CocoCay. Your kids will love the Thrill Waterpark and you can hang out at Chill Island. You can meet in the middle for lunch. Enjoy your first cruise.
  13. When you make those reservations, just remind the staff that is helping you to cancel your MTD.
  14. Thanks, that is what I was looking for - 7ish month lead time. It is funny how one company does it with 7 months while a different company does it with 17 months. But as my brother reminded me - don't plan on cruising on the actual published date - because lots can happen and the ship launch could be delayed.
  15. I am confused that it is taking this long to setup its inaugural cruise. The other royality line has a new class of ship coming out in Feb 2024 and they have already released the first three cruises for bookings. When does RCL usually open the bookings for new cruise ships?
  16. You can bookmark the site on your browser. That is what I do because I can't remember sheet.
  17. The 'OS' in a name stands for 'Of the Seas' - this is the Royal Caribbean's tag line for the names of their ships. AOS in this case would stand for Allure of the Seas since it was mentioned in the post above. So Navigator of the Seas would be NOS.
  18. I did not know this about the $2. I love to use them and educate our US retailers about them. But if they give me grief, I am more than willing to swap the $2 for $1's. Of course the $2 just don't go very far any more. I would do this with the $1 coins. Interesting story, I was behind someone at a bank in 1982. They had a Silver Certificate bill and wanted to know if it was real. I tried to buy it off them but they turned me down. I have not seen a Silver certificate bill since the 1990's.
  19. A vote for mushroom soup here! And any dessert. If it has sugar in it, I will eat it.
  20. Thanks, I did not know that.
  21. I used Royal Up before and did not win. But I did not go thru the bother to cancel prior to the cruise. Nothing is charged unless you win a bid.
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