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  1. I’ve read that you can request to have an exception for only 1 person to have the deluxe drink package. Would someone who’s recently beat cancer but can drink maybe 1 drink per day qualify? And who would we need to email for the exception? Thanks!
  2. I got one of these tests from another passenger after one of my switch health tests failed me, was so excited not to have to scramble to find a testing location, only to find out you cannot download their App to a Canadian SIM card. By then I was already at my hotel, so off we went to Lab doc and spent $70US
  3. I was on Odyssey of the Sea last week, got my email acceptance 3 weeks prior to sail.
  4. Odyssey of the seas - March 12-20 - 4000+ - Was packed solid
  5. I was on this cruise and there were not many in a tux, but most were dressed in a button down and fancy dresses
  6. Glad it went well. We started our vacation on a 7 hour flight delay, and ended with a 7 hour Covid test. Lol, glad we stayed an extra night in Fort Lauderdale to relax from all the madness
  7. For those travelling home to Canada using switch health.. My experience was absolutely horrible! 7 hours later I was finally able to get a test complete, at 3am!!! ONE test! Maybe it was March Break, but they had min people working and it took 2.5 hours to connect with a Nurse only for them to Hang up and I had to start all over again. 2 Nurses were choppy and both disconnected me! The QR code would not work and I lost one test as I could not get past the “invalid test”, then was able to connect in the app on the one that said “agent disconnected” only to be told the QR code I had was wrong and I needed to re-enter the Queue. My mother in law was in tears!!!! The last Nurse was kind enough to delete the QR, and pull me from the queue after 7 hours of frustration. Cudos to Sarah, but Switch Health will be hearing from me after I had to spend $60 on a new test at Lab Doctor as there were no appointments avail anywhere else. My advice, log in early when everyone is enjoying to pool! I learnt the hard way!
  8. Our excursion got cancelled due to delays, but we will be arriving at port by 3:30pm - 11pm. Any suggestions on what to do off ship?
  9. Boarded today with the Costco Covid test and no questions asked.
  10. I got it as well even tho my kids vaccine very is already uploaded
  11. Got excited until you scroll down and it mentions you cannot debark at the following ports with a recovery certificate. Guess I will still fork out the $.
  12. Unless you got the email, it’s still ‘pending’. If you decide to change your room from ocean to balcony, they will cancel all you bids and assign new classes you can bid on - JS, 1 bedroom, etc.
  13. Well that is BS, and I hope you win! Do they still pay for the on land accommodations and Medical if you contact Covid on the ship?
  14. Did you have Voom Surf or Surf + Stream? I’m hoping to save a few bucks and just get the Surf, but scared to risk getting disconnected.
  15. My moms friend will be on my cruise and celebrating their 80th b-day. They are not tech savvy at ALL, so can I purchase the Speciality dining in my planner and transfer to them onboard? I also have the 3 night pkg, so don’t RC to get confused and cancel anything.
  16. I wish! Our cruise planner is over $200 pp!
  17. Is there really an age limit on who can use the in app chat for $1.99? My son has his own Apple account (14 yrs) and my daughter is 11 and linked to my Apple ID but with her own email under family. Or do they create their own ID on Royal App?
  18. Yes, you would need a cell phone to complete the test. Once you create an ASMO account, you register yourself and dependants. Once ready, u sign in the site and click on the options to connect with a telehealth rep. You have to call in each test.
  19. There was a chat feature on the FL airport homepage and they provided me with the cost and exact location where to go for testing. Unfortunately it’s on my work laptop, but gave a map and all. Cost is $60 pp for Antigen and $160 pp for PCR. Now that Canada allows Teleahealth tests, it’s cheapest to buy from Switch Health $80 for two tests and do day prior of day of - just need an internet connection.
  20. So I spoke with the Pharmacist at Costco on the weekend, and they are a certificated pharmacy to test. He read the RC requirements and said everything is listed as outlined except the CLIA number as that is for Lab testing (he assumed). He showed me the testing box and it’s assured me it’s the exact same tested used by Shoppers. It was the Abott testing kit. Im booked in for March 10th. If there are any issues I will let ppl know.
  21. If they are turning 12 this year, can they still join? Or are they very strict on age?
  22. Some clarification around the One Day prior for Antigen tests Starting February 28: proof of a professionally administered or observed antigen test taken outside of Canada no more than 1 day before to your scheduled flight or entry to Canada by land or water the one day window does not depend on the time of day the test was taken or the time of your flight or entry for example, if your flight is scheduled to leave or you enter by land any time on Friday, you could provide proof of a negative result from an antigen test taken any time on Thursday, or on Friday it must be administered or observed by a pharmacy, laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service the test must be authorized for sale or distribution in Canada or in the jurisdiction in which it was obtained the test must be performed outside of Canada
  23. My son is 14, but these days all they do is game. I’m trying to get my son to meet people at Social180, but he’s quite introverted. Fingers crossed they can meet others.
  24. New cruiser, so a few questions. I thought I read kids under 12 can eat for $10, so do I add them later to my reservation when on ship? Can I add my 14 year old to just one reservation vs 3 and pay the dining price? Do I have the option to ask for outdoor dining for Chops or it’s first come seating? My day 2 reservation is 9pm, what are the chances for getting that modified and how? Does RC allow you to use one of your 3 dining for another guest? (Prob not, but figured I’d ask) Any other tips would be appreciated
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