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  1. Would you be flying out of Barcelona? The terminal is not at all far to the airport and it's not a large airport so I would think so. Plan to self-disembark with your luggage so you're off early and maybe just take a cab to the terminal. The Barcelona cruise port is tiny and the last time we disembarked (mid-May) it got really chaotic with workers overwhelmed. Despite the confusion we still made it to the airport in ample time for our noon flight.
  2. Sent my passport renewal in around 6/10 and got it back last week. I paid for expedited as I needed it by 9/1 but 6 months should be plenty of time even under regular processing.
  3. I always ask for the entire can when ordering a Dark & Stormy and have never had an issue getting it.
  4. Adding in - we often order at least one option from the Vegan menu in the MDR because there are some really nice options. The Chickpea "omelet" was surprisingly good, and all the soups are terrific.
  5. There is a test site at the Barcelona Airport as well as various locations throughout the City. We are packing self-tests as a backup.
  6. Exhibits A through Z as to why we never check bags!
  7. Whereas around the world won't work (unless I really do win the Mega Millions), we are currently fantasizing about blowing two years' travel budget on one of the legs. Two months at sea!
  8. Fairbanks the town is really unimpressive (think really big strip mall) but the scenery anywhere in Alaska is terrific. The drive between Anchorage and Seward is a great one though, and Seward is gorgeous.
  9. Adding to the "have your Mom speak with them" list. I was on a Grand Jury for 22 months and there were excused absences for things like pre-planned trips. There are 24 jurists and so long as 16 are there testimony can be taken that day. She will be fine with the scheduled absences.
  10. It's not if you are either willing to spend money or feel confident taking the train. A cab from Rome to Civi is about 120 Euros and expect 60 to 90 minutes transit time, depending on traffic. The train is awesome and inexpensive (we spent about 35 Euro each for tickets) and takes about 45 minutes but Termini Station where you catch the train can be chaotic. That said, once on the train it's a nice ride and exiting at the port is simple (you do have to go under the tracks themselves to exit on the correct side so head to the small elevator) - you can either take a taxi for the few minutes' ride or cross the street and wait for the proper bus (3 Euro each, cash only) to come along.
  11. The Butchart Gardens are a must-do and Victoria also has a very good natural history museum. We love walking along the waterfront downtown (which I don't think is near the cruise port so check a map) and there are a lot of whale watching adventure tours to consider as one walks along... check the times they go off and which killer whale pods they are focused on.
  12. As someone who flies from Chicago O'Hare? Yes. Yes they are...
  13. Other than drink as much Gosling's as you can stand? Don't bother with a sunset cruise of the harbor - take the water taxi back and forth around the same time for the same effect. Locals offer impromptu taxi service and we have used them... ended up with a nice impromptu tour from it.
  14. I'm a big fan of Travelocity - found a terrific snorkeling tour some years back this way that aligned with the ship's time in port.
  15. Echoing what everyone else is saying - look into taking the train to Civi. The Termini station in Rome is a bit chaotic but once you locate the train to Civi it's a pleasant one-hour ride to the port station at the end of the line.
  16. Aim for the latest flight you can as getting off the ship and to the airport is over an hour plus a couple hours to get through the airport etc. Good luck!
  17. Agreed - I look at it for the shareholder credit for now under the assumption the company will remain.
  18. Dusting off my Theater Nerd hat... Miss Saigon is not by Lloyd Webber.
  19. They are okay - a little dry but meaty and you can ask for two slabs, as each is about 4 bones.
  20. Hi there- status is automatically updated (usually it takes about 7 to 10 days post-cruise for update online) so you don't have to do anything. The only time it would be helpful top rebook is when you're a high enough tier that you would get a discount on, say a balcony or a solo traveler.
  21. Yep my reluctant fallback is an Oilcan of Foster's (because it's essentially two beers for one drink ticket) but I was very excited to see our "Wonder" trips this Fall may have Redhook's Longhammer IPA available.
  22. Not just one's liver - I don't know about you guys but on a cruise we eat richer food than we usually do (and more, to be honest) which affects alcohol absorption in the stomach. Also we tend to drink frou-frou drinks during the day, which include more ice, fruit juices and other mixers that water drinks down. I understand your concern about the bar tender pulling out a different bottle, but as a professional bar tender (and drinker *cough*) RC crew do not water down bottles of booze. The well stuff is awful and often lower proof than the call stuff but that is true in every bar. It's their adherence to the jigger that does it - most bar tenders not strictly required to use a jigger (either metal like on ship or those awful plastic measures they use in many airports that count each pour so the bar tender CAN'T give you a stronger drink without charging you for it) use a count system and often the count works in the patron's favor. The different bottle from under the bar? A higher proof. Rum for example goes from 55 to 151 proof. Vodka runs about 60 to 125 proof. Unless it's really fruity and frozen try to always specify the alcohol, not just from a "stronger drink" perspective but also so you know what it will do to you the next morning when you've been drinking all day.
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