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  1. My husband and I are on this cruise and would love to be part of the meet and great. Is there a certain day?
  2. My cruise must be the only RCL cruise that has sold out all the suites. I’m so unlucky
  3. Wow...I am getting on quick since it sounds like there is going to be a lot to do on the first day. I always forget about that dreaded, tiring first day:(
  4. I see someone posted $150.00 pp but when I signed up through the RCL website, it was $99 pp. The probable went up already. I booked mine on April 2nd.
  5. We bought the tests Recommended. I did a practice with the testing and video and I’m glad I did. It’s easy but each person will need 15 min so if you have a group start early. I also booked for test at the port just to be safe. That one is scheduled for Sunday morning. #I’mReady.
  6. Hello All, This sailing is getting super close and I don't see that they have added any entertainment yet. I don't remember it being this close to the cruise before the post the entertainment. I have not cruised since COVID, so is this the new norm?
  7. Wow that’s awesome. Have fun
  8. I’m super sad that all suites are sold out on my May 2 cruise. I was really hoping to get a Royal Up. If we aren’t getting a loft I’m at least grateful that I have a JS. Blessed just to be going
  9. Same price but now we are in a JS:). Hoping we can move up to the GS or Loft. Fingers crossed:)
  10. I sure hope I get something but after reading all the posts and seeing that all the suites are sold out on my May 2nd sailing, I am ok with the JS that I have. I don't think I will hear either way until the day of the cruise. I have 4 or 5 bids in and they are all really good bids, but again I am will have a good time no matter what happens.
  11. good to know. there are 3 of us so we will probably have 5 total bags. I will checkout the train schedule. Thanks
  12. Hi Carolyn, I am wondering the same thing about the UK. My cruise in May lands in Southampton and we are going to stay in London a few days. We will need to test before we fly back to The States. I was wondering if there is a place in London to test. I do have the Abbott tests everyone is talking about so I will probably use those but I wanted to have a back up and test at a site. Any suggestions?
  13. I am on Anthem of The Seas on the May 2nd TA cruise. On Harmony and Oasis, Izumi is a hibachi style restaurant. It doesn't look like it is the same on Anthem. Has anyone been on Anthem and can confirm if they have hibachi?
  14. I know....I am checking daily. I know the final day for people to pay is April 2nd, so I am thinking that they will give them a few extra days before they cancel the unpaid people. I think once that happens, we will start seeing some suites become available. I think they will post them first to see if someone would like to purchase them. If they don't sell, I think they will wait until the last minute, like the night before the cruise to start Royal Uping folks. My plan has changed. If one of the suites I want becomes available for sell, I am just going to purchase it. We really want to make this cruise as comfortable as possible for us. I believe that my health will not let me make another trip this far so I my hubby has just told me to GO FOR IT!. Let me clarify, that I DO NOT have a life threatening illness. I just have physical limitations when traveling. I really want to make the most of the trip. We saved a super long long time to do this. We are usually Southwest basic cabin folks (cheapest way). This time we booked Delta First Class for the trip back to The States. Super excited about that too. I have never flown First Class so this should be super nice. If we could get a good suite on the cruise, that would top this vacation off. My Birthday is April 2nd so I am hoping that will be the day I open my email and see an upgrade or at the least see fresh inventory of the site for purchase. Fingers crossed for your party and mine:).
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