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  1. Not really a scam when you see in the shop that they have a price match guarantee. I believe it’s 30 days from your sailing that you can claim it.
  2. I’m with you, I’m not gutsy enough to try it…. Curious if anyone has done it!
  3. Cruising on Sunday, which means we’re supposed to test on Friday. We’ve got the emed kits to test at home. I was grabbing our passports and checking things when out falls our previous emed tests from our last trip. I looked it over and just realized something. We took the tests a little after midnight in our time zone. The reports came back in UTC…. With that in mind, UTC time is Friday right now. Couldn’t someone technically take the test right now and it will show up as Friday in UTC???
  4. Heading to Labadee for the second time. First time we went we just did the beach and water slide with the kids. What some highlights and good things to do while there??? What do you love or hate about it?
  5. You could probably guess why we are by the nickname I use. We love the Flowrider! All the fun activities… ifly, laser tag, bumper cars, I forget what the trampoline ball thing is called with the 3D goggles. Really enjoy Coco Cay! The Broadway shows are a lot of fun. Prior to the pandemic I feel like the shows were a lot better. The crew is a lot of fun to interact with… especially at the flow rider. We’ve had a lot of amazing people there that have been so kind to our family.
  6. Loved reading through this! So funny. We were just in this position until the last cruise. Now we can’t wait to cruise again as Diamond people. I wish they had the old loading system where you loaded first by tier status. Would be fun!
  7. Don’t forget the zip line, rock wall, Flowriders, and the sports court always has competitions such as pickle ball / volleyball / free throws / soccer….
  8. Thanks for all the information folks!
  9. https://listindiario.com/economia/2022/01/11/704387/agenda-de-llegada-de-cruceros-continua-variacion/amp/ According to this news article they had 50 ships scheduled for stoping in Puerto Plata in January. Curious why with recent cancellations Royal has stated the pier won’t be ready.
  10. Oh man that’s such a teaser!!! So close, that Odyssey cruise will be fun!
  11. This construction delay seems bizarre bc the pier is finished. Ships have stopped there…
  12. Our family of 6 finally hit Diamond status! We’re looking forward to the perks, just curious how you redeem them? For example everyone should get a free photo… do you just show the sea pass and get it? Or internet? How do we each get our free day? 4 free drinks are on the sea pass?
  13. Someone certainly needs to click the button. I’m ready to reserve my excursions!
  14. Someone posted an article that I read in December. It had been finished and they celebrated the process. Odyssey of the seas went there in December too…
  15. I’m with you! We booked 4 specific stops that we don’t usually get to go on. We were excited for DR and San Juan. They should add back DR since the original email I got said they removed it because the pier construction wouldn’t be done… and the pier is clearly ready and ships are stopping there. Shouldn’t they refund the port fees/taxes the the 4th port?
  16. It‘a super misleading to report it like that. Statistics professionals cringe with how pathetic that looks.
  17. Pretty sure all ships have the baseketball court and do picker ball. Never seen one not do it.
  18. Wow, that’s interesting. Starting to ramp up for the future!
  19. I’m curious if the CDC is allowing ships to do the 5 day quarantine they recently announced. Or is it the previous 10 day schedule?
  20. If one backs out, then the other will have to pay more. Probably easier to just work it out amongst yourselves and remove one person.
  21. That and they want you to make your final payment first!
  22. Wouldn’t know about the suites. We typically book interior rooms or oceanview to save money. Sorry I totally missed the title about suites! We’re a family of 6 and we take advantage of kids sail free promotion. What we’ve noticed is that if we start with the rate during the kids sale free promotion we usually pay more vs if we book when it’s expensive(and not on sale) and reprice it. Overall rates seem to be better that second route. The kids sale free promotion applies after the first 2 persons are full priced. When we had 4 kids under 12 y/o we would book the ultra spacious oceanview room or ultraspacious interior rooms(6 passenger rooms). Mom and dad were full price and then the 4 kids were free. Now that 2 kids are older we book two connecting rooms and try and get one kid free in one room and one free in the second room.
  23. We always book refundable rates on a few different dates. Whichever one or sometimes two end up repricing the lowest are the winners. We also commonly convert a refundable rate to non-refundable prior to final payment.
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