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  1. We just ordered the Switch Health rapid antigen test kits that can be done from home (proctored) and from everything we have researched, a negative test will allow us to board our Air Canada flight and satisfy RCCL's test requirements. If you are an aeroplan member, the tests are cheaper. They can be purchased through switchhealth.ca and Air Canada's website. For returning home, we have ordered the RT-Lamp test which we can take while at the pier before we leave the ship the last morning. Purchased from the same provider and acceptable for flying home.
  2. We were On the Oasis sailing January 2-9th. Prior to sailing we were advised by RCCL that we would be tested on the ship as we sailed before the January 5th cut-off date. However, once on board, we were told that they were no longer performing tests on the ship and that testing would be provided across from the terminal when we disembarked. The process was super easy. We walked over and uploaded all of our pertinent information and the tests were performed by a company called Covid Testing LLC. It was a full PCR test and we were not charged. We were told results would be in about 2 hours. It took about 2 1/2 hours for our results to be emailed. Very seamless process.
  3. Thank you for the update. We sail on Oasis January 2nd so likely a good chance the shows will not be running then either. All part of the need to be flexible mindset when deciding to cruise right now.
  4. Perfect thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  5. Can you share any other info on your current sailing on Oasis...what is capacity like, is entertainment running and anything else you think is worth sharing? We are hoping to be on the next sailing. Thanks!
  6. We are sailing on the January 2nd sailing on Oasis. I called the Crown and Anchor desk and after 40 minutes of trying to get clarification we were assured that PCR tests would be available on board and complimentary. The agent I spoke to said it was a bit of a grey area since procedures change on January 5th but since we board on the 2nd we would be tested on the ship and not at the terminal. A visit to guest services is required to schedule the test. Just wanted to share in case anyone is wondering the same.
  7. Yes, we are still planning to sail early January. Tests booked before we leave and we are flying out of Pearson. Agree that being on a ship is as or more safe than many other places we could spend our time. If testing and vaccination protocols were not in place, we would not cruise. We do have Anthem booked for March and will be driving instead of flying for that one. Of course there is always concern about rules changing and the borders being closed but after 2 years of this pandemic, we are so looking forward to getting back to cruising. Anthem is a beautiful ship...we've sailed on her twice. I hope you have a lovely holiday.
  8. Thank you so much for all of your amazing updates Matt! As someone fairly new to the blog, I appreciate all the effort you put into keeping us in the know
  9. So much uncertainty as to what the WHO and/or CDC will approve. Of the 3.9 million Canadians who have two different doses of Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccines, approximately 1.6 million had a dose of AZ followed by an mRNA vaccine (according to the Public Health Agency of Canada).
  10. Based on experience, I would absolutely encourage you to switch your date. We inadvertently booked on the College Party Cruise a few years ago and while I'm all for these students having a good time, it was not the atmosphere we have enjoyed on all of our other RCCL cruises.
  11. The cabin you are assigned is an aft cabin - which is always our preference. It is considered obstructed due to the metal structure at the back of the ship but looking straight out, you can see and hear the ocean beautifully. You are unable to look "down" directly to the ocean so if that is your preference then you may want to move cabins. You will only have a cabin on one side of you as you are at the end of the hallway so that may reduce some noise from having one less neighbour. Some people feel more motion at the back the ship but we've never had an issue. Others have reported having soot on their balcony but that's never been the case when we have sailed. You will have a far walk from the elevators so that is something to keep in mind. We love the aft corner balconies on deck 7 as the balconies are huge but I believe the corner ones on deck 6 will still be larger than your average balcony. Hope this helps and that you enjoy your cruise!
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