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  1. Really hoping the "possible" $5000 fine per person is eliminated at the land borders soon.
  2. We chose the Pandemic Plan as our Visa card provides the other insurance benefits that the all inclusive plan would include. Like you mentioned, we were looking to fill the quarantine element as our credit card does not cover for that.
  3. I have no idea about local tests near Cape Liberty, but you could order the LAMP tests from Switch Health and use those to cross back over. You could take the test from the ship the morning of disembarkation (it's fully proctored and you will need internet access to do). I believe tests are $149 each and you can order direct from Switch Health or through Air Canada's website.
  4. We did the same for sailing earlier this month. Test on the Friday, flew to Miami on Saturday and boarded the ship on Sunday. As long as your paperwork is completed properly you will be fine.
  5. Oasis January 2nd was all water in cans. Certainly wouldn't have been my preference but considering everything else about the cruise was fantastic, I was not finding any complaint in that.
  6. Yes, those are the ones. I thought they would be valid to board the cruise as they are proctored and then I re read the RCCL requirements which state tests must be authorized for use by the US FDA. I contacted Switch Health and they confirmed they are not so I didn't think we would be able to use these. This is what RCCL's website states: International guests sailing from the U.S. are able to complete their testing using telehealth test kits, providing the kit has been authorized for use by the U.S. FDA. Telehealth test kits obtained internationally that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted. International guests can arrange to have F.D.A.-approved test kits shipped to the U.S. address where they’ll be staying before their cruise and complete their test prior to departing for the cruise terminal using a U.S. PayPal address to complete the purchase.
  7. We are planning to use them when we come back from Navigator in February. I will post then and hope all goes well! We can order them for $149 each. We did order the proctored antigen tests and planning to use those to fly into the US but they do not qualify to use to board the ship even though they are proctored.
  8. If that were true - I would for sure say that. Since I would be using my diamond vouchers and enjoying drinks in the casino that wouldn't quite add up. Good suggestion for those who are truly in that situation. Thanks @waaaytooo for reminding me about the refreshment package. That's another way to work around without having to purchase the DBP.
  9. Just another thought / rant on the DBP. Policy states that adults over the age of 21 occupying same room must purchase the DBP. I phoned the C&A dept yesterday as I had a question about our account and asked if there is a way around this if one of us reaches Prime and the other doesn't. My husband and I are diamond so the drink vouchers are wonderful to use throughout the day. I will likely reach Prime on our next cruise therefore eliminating the need for a DPB but am told the only way around not having to purchase the DBP for both of us would be to book two separate cabins - not exactly the solution I was looking for. If anyone has any thoughts or experience in getting around this please chime in.
  10. Wondering if the double points promotion will count towards the double points i.e. if you're at 126 points and on last night of your 7 day cruise you would have earned 14 points due to double points would that qualify you for a crystal block?
  11. I completely agree with you! It was so much better spending time in the casino without having any smoke lingering in the air. It would also be a health benefit to the crew who work in the casino.
  12. I don't officially know the answer to this, however, on our Jan 2nd Oasis sailing our cabin steward disappeared on the third day. Our new steward said that she had come down with a rash and needed to be treated. We didn't quire believe this and assumed perhaps she had tested positive. Either way, we just asked that he share with our previous attendant that we hoped she felt better quickly. We wondered throughout that day if perhaps we would be contacted by guest services but no call came.
  13. An update on my post above - Switch Health kits are Health Canada approved however after speaking with a Switch Health representative they are not US FDA approved therefore RCCL will not accept them upon boarding as current protocols specifically state approval requirements. They are proctored and can be used for flying from Canada to the US but not for boarding the ship.
  14. We purchased insurance through Manulife for our cruise a few weeks ago: https://www.manulife.ca/personal/insurance/our-products/travel-insurance/travelling-canadians.html
  15. Good to hear you had a "thinking" CBSA representative @Eggbert - we were not as lucky. We too were tested (negative) at the port on January 9th at 9am and upon arrival at Pearson later that day, we still had to wait in a line up with hundreds of people from flights from all over the place to be re tested. Even the workers tasked with administering the paperwork and testing couldn't help but nod and agree that this was a waste of time and money...not to mention putting as at greater risk due to long line ups and no social distancing.
  16. We sailed on the Oasis the first week of January and our entire week was fantastic! Boarding was easy and efficient...as long as you had all of your required documents organized. The crew was amazing and we felt safe and comfortable throughout. We have a few more cruises planned in the coming months and other than the concerns about border controls (we are in Canada) we have no hesitation about sailing again. Royal is doing a fantastic job in ensuring guests have a wonderful vacation.
  17. We made that mistake a few years ago - 4 night cruise which was fully of college kids who were drunk and uncontrollable. We realized on day 2 that we were on the "college party cruise". You can do a google search to find out when the sailings are each year so we always do that before we book. According to their website, this year they are hosting 2 sailings on Freedom of the Seas March 7th and 14th so you should be fine on Mariner. I have no issue with the students having a good time - it is their vacation time; however, families or perhaps seniors likely don't want to be part of it. RCCL does not advise when a ship has been chartered so we've learned to try to do some research.
  18. We just ordered the Switch Health rapid antigen test kits that can be done from home (proctored) and from everything we have researched, a negative test will allow us to board our Air Canada flight and satisfy RCCL's test requirements. If you are an aeroplan member, the tests are cheaper. They can be purchased through switchhealth.ca and Air Canada's website. For returning home, we have ordered the RT-Lamp test which we can take while at the pier before we leave the ship the last morning. Purchased from the same provider and acceptable for flying home.
  19. We were On the Oasis sailing January 2-9th. Prior to sailing we were advised by RCCL that we would be tested on the ship as we sailed before the January 5th cut-off date. However, once on board, we were told that they were no longer performing tests on the ship and that testing would be provided across from the terminal when we disembarked. The process was super easy. We walked over and uploaded all of our pertinent information and the tests were performed by a company called Covid Testing LLC. It was a full PCR test and we were not charged. We were told results would be in about 2 hours. It took about 2 1/2 hours for our results to be emailed. Very seamless process.
  20. Thank you for the update. We sail on Oasis January 2nd so likely a good chance the shows will not be running then either. All part of the need to be flexible mindset when deciding to cruise right now.
  21. Perfect thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  22. Can you share any other info on your current sailing on Oasis...what is capacity like, is entertainment running and anything else you think is worth sharing? We are hoping to be on the next sailing. Thanks!
  23. We are sailing on the January 2nd sailing on Oasis. I called the Crown and Anchor desk and after 40 minutes of trying to get clarification we were assured that PCR tests would be available on board and complimentary. The agent I spoke to said it was a bit of a grey area since procedures change on January 5th but since we board on the 2nd we would be tested on the ship and not at the terminal. A visit to guest services is required to schedule the test. Just wanted to share in case anyone is wondering the same.
  24. Yes, we are still planning to sail early January. Tests booked before we leave and we are flying out of Pearson. Agree that being on a ship is as or more safe than many other places we could spend our time. If testing and vaccination protocols were not in place, we would not cruise. We do have Anthem booked for March and will be driving instead of flying for that one. Of course there is always concern about rules changing and the borders being closed but after 2 years of this pandemic, we are so looking forward to getting back to cruising. Anthem is a beautiful ship...we've sailed on her twice. I hope you have a lovely holiday.
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