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  1. Unfortunate about the smoking in the casino returning. It was so nice being in there and being able to breathe IMO.
  2. Wow, thank you for that information. I see the Stoney Creek location has them so that's a great option!
  3. That's what I thought at first too....but then I played with some mock bookings to try to figure it out. If you price a balcony without your C&A number all the way through to when you pick your cabin jot that total down then go back in and put your C&A number in and take it all the way through and you should see a lower price. From what I can gather, they system seems to price it with a combination of discounts. Sometimes I see the price difference as $200 less with my discount and sometimes it's less. Either way, it always is less with my C&A number applied once I take the booking through to selecting cabin. Hope that works for you!
  4. That sounds like the safest option - when I called Switch Health they told me they aren't aware of any issues but if you do a search on any issues, there's a few that made the news. That and CBSA and Public Health both saying they aren't valid when you call make them just too much of a risk cost wise and peace of mind wise. I still think it might come down to which border agent you get. Still a chance Canada could change it's stance on requiring PCR / LAMP / NAAT tests before March Break...fingers crossed!
  5. We are gearing up to go as well! Sailed on Anthem a few times now - beautiful ship, so exciting to sail again. Yes...need to stay Covid free before and during the sailing and keep hoping the Canadian govt removes the PCR testing to come back home...or at least the fine!!
  6. Thank you for posting the recent cost at the Bayonne terminal - I've been trying to find cheaper rapid PCR testing but cannot find anywhere who will guarantee same day results so we may be stuck paying that unfortunately!
  7. Totally agree! Royal clearly states what the protocols are in advance and provides options to cancel if we are not comfortable with them. Buzz kill is the perfect way to sum the testing up - plans are made, exciting is building, packing has started and then that testing cloud hovers all around until we take the darn tests.
  8. That's what both CBSA and Public Health told me - they said must be process in a lab. However, one could argue that it does not say that anywhere on the Government of Canada website. It just lists the type of tests and the particulars of which. Such a mess!
  9. We are just starting to look into the Casino Royale program - we usually play poker which doesn't rack up the points but spent a little more time on slots last cruise and earned a free cruise. Will be prime over the next few sailings. Any advice or insight into the program - as well as the recently made changes which better the program, would be appreciated!
  10. That's what we are hoping to do for sure. I haven't been able to get any confirmation of testing at the port. When you call no matter what extension you dial it goes to voice mail.
  11. Our reasons for being loyal to Royal are the the abundance of activities offered on board combined with the quality for price we feel they offer. Our kids have grown up cruising and have enjoyed participating in the variety of offerings. By far, Flowrider is the biggest draw and the sports staff on every sailing have just made our weeks so much more enjoyable as they interact with the kids throughout our holiday. Getting to Diamond status a few years ago of course has it perks but even without, I don't think we would be enticed to leave the brand. We have sailed with NCL, Disney, Carnival and Celebrity early on but Royal is just the best fit for our family.
  12. That is our hope too - just remove the fine and let us come back home and quarantine should anyone have a positive test. That makes far more sense than staying in a hotel knowing you are positive and possibly infecting others! Now to find a Rapid PCR test with same day results so we can avoid a night in a hotel on the way home!
  13. Our loyalty to Royal is based on the activities you listed above - the main one being Flowrider. No other cruise line offers this activity. Some of the smaller / older RCCL ships do not have Flowrider, rock climbing etc, so I would think that those who enjoy the quality and service that Royal offers may enjoy those ships more since they are perhaps not looking for the other activities and amenities mentioned in OP.
  14. I just made the same phone calls all over again and was told the same thing. CBSA says it's ok to follow the advice of your airline (ie Air Canada) and they will likely let us board with the Switch Health LAMP kit however, if Public Health deems it not acceptable then they can force quarantine and a fine. I mentioned that many of the airports in Canada are still enforcing mandatory testing upon arrival and wouldn't we just have to get another test anyway. I was told not necessarily, you could simply be forced to quarantine and be fined. I called Public Health and they will not confirm that the proctored tests are acceptable. I told both agencies that a clear reference on this should be made on the Canadian travel website but I doubt that's going to happen. It really may come down to which border services agent you get and how they decipher the tests. We are going to bypass and just do testing at the airports when flying and private clinics in the US when driving and be done with it.
  15. When I called their 1-800 line to inquire about options they told me that it is definitely a Rapid PCR test and results in about an hour. Not all locations offer this and I did not ask about particular cities or states which offer this test. I'm guessing it is limited availability.
  16. CVS is a big pharmacy chain. They offer a variety of covid tests and from what I can gather, one option is the RAPID PCR test for $129 which is cheaper than most airports seem to be offering them for. You do have to book ahead and they say results in about an hour. As you mentioned, we don't want to wait days to receive our results so this is one option.
  17. Ok thank you - perhaps that set up has continued. That would be terrific!!
  18. Shocking - Canada not making anything easy when it comes to travelling. It is really getting beyond exhausting isn't it. Not only is it extremely hard to get a PCR test, now you can't get the required documentation. So far the cheapest rapid PCR testing I can find for coming back is CVS $129 and results in about an hour.
  19. Thank you for trying to get some clarification on this. I'm really hoping that Switch Health and Air Canada will help clarify for their customers/passengers and not just say its up to us to do our due diligence. Air Canada advertises the LAMP tests for entry back into Canada. CBSA still says not accepted because not done in a lab. We may also face hurdles because in returning to Canada those who cruised didn't just visit the US, we visited other places as well.
  20. Well said - we likely wouldn't cruise if the testing wasn't mandatory, even though it certainly does create a lot of worry before you receive that negative result. Agree fully on possible booster requirement. With many people having had their second shots over 6 months ago, we know the protection is waning.
  21. If anyone can advise if there is testing at the cruise ship pier upon disembarkation, I would appreciate it. We will need Rapid PCR tests in order to return to Canada. The airline changed our flights from late afternoon to noon so not enough time to get testing at the airport in time to board our flight. We opted to change to a much later flight so that we will have time to be tested but ideally don't want to be stuck at the airport all day so if there is anywhere in an around the port or perhaps Long Beach, we could test and then enjoy the area for the day and then head to the airport.
  22. I read this as meaning eligibility includes no travel outside of Canada within 14 days prior to receiving a test (along with no symptoms and no exposure). I don't think it can be used outside of travel to the US.
  23. If anyone finds PCR testing near the terminal and could post, that would be appreciated. I have tried emailing and phoning the port but can't get any information.
  24. The parking garage is right beside the cruise terminal and I believe it is $25/day. No reservations are required. Super easy to get in and out of....once you get through the congestion of getting to the actual port. Sometimes it can be quite backed up - other times it's fine.
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