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  1. this is true, but international waters start 3 miles off the beach....then what?
  2. this goes both ways tho, what about the young and healthy who can sail safely? why do they have to abide by guidelines for the unhealthy and more at risk. its like making all skinny people lose weight because all the fat people have to and its only fair the skinny people have to as well because science says its more healthy to
  3. Do you think the cruise lines will change? I don’t
  4. so did anything happen this week? i though it was going to change this week or something.
  5. when are these ports supposed to open back up?
  6. I dont mind some what stricter rules just because we have finally gotten to this point. I think at this point we are just shy of 70% vaccinated in the us, so that means all of the elderly are more than likely vaccinated and the young ones arent, and they arent as at risk to getting it. with that being said the numbers are more than likely at a safe point to return with no vaccine requirement. You can always wear a mast if you personally feel unsafe. for my 2 cents.
  7. I think they will reduce a lot of the BS this week. It’s due anyways. I agree the more vax on a cruise the better but how can They both coexist with out having all this different rules.
  8. rumor on the web is the CDC is going to relax alot of this BS in the coming days
  9. I worry more for noro on cruises than I would covid.
  10. there are some questionable comments in this thread at best.....
  11. i honestly believe by july things will be changed again
  12. the way I read this vaccines aren’t mandatory anymore but highly recommended? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article251909713.html?fbclid=IwAR2yjownrp7c7-Eu7LLFKvz5Ty30rEcYk653rzUydhHGIuCIb-5fIfaoVP4
  13. point being is a cruise a means of travel or is it more of a all inclusive resort? that what it comes down too. at this point travel and vacation at your own risk
  14. I remember but it has to be a false positive or neg when boarding. Either way these test are a shot in the dark lol
  15. test cruises are not any different for the normal paid cruise cant have the same amount of vaccinated vs non vaccinated from my understanding
  16. i just dont know how you can require a Vaccine to cruise, no other vacation spot does this....june 1st Vegas is going back to Pre Covid. you cant survive on vaccinated people only.... there isnt enough people vaccinated
  17. No but the fact they have to do it sooner than later. A lot can happen in 2 weeks
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