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  1. You can get a 7-day cruise for the price of a 3 hr flight.
  2. There will also be warnings against leaving clothing (swim wear) on them overnight to prevent them getting blown away, but we've never lost anything. We saw someone put up a cloths line on an Adventure balcony. Its was funny, but looked a little RV park-ish.
  3. Reduced staff yes, but they are unable to hire the staff as easily as in the past (so I don't think its intentional (yet)) If the line discovers they can maintain guest satisfaction with less, of course they will feel no pressure to increase. If service is noticeably degraded, and they see increased guest dissatisfaction, they would move to fix the issue. Those with more cruises under their belt will notice, but first timers will not know the difference. Let's see what happens over time.
  4. I've observed that on a few cruise related FB groups. Nonsensical information source.
  5. Has Frankfurt upgraded to the face recognition stations? I've experienced those at other airports and lines really moved fast (except when people didn't follow the instructions for the reader to work). Somewhat unnerving when your face is so quickly recognized in a European airport.
  6. Here's a website that might offer more photos from that cabin. https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/index.php If not, then you can take pictures, upload to that site and they'll pay you .50/accepted photo.
  7. GE is a US Customs & Border control managed program for entry into US entry areas. So helps when you return from a non-US point of travel to US territory entry point. It includes TSA pre-check, but it's actually a Customs & Border control program. Had it for awhile, but when overseas travel diminished I just went to TSA precheck. But GE works really well. TSA pre-check is actually more practical and less expensive if you mainly fly domestically. The GE card is a nice gov't issued ID, but passports are still primary overseas.
  8. If you're able to book away from holiday seasons and school breaks, you can mitigate being on-board with and overwhelming number of young ones. But even that strategy isn't holding well with the newer ships in the fleet. When we sailed Celebrity Apex in November, we saw more kids than we ever saw in the Retreat area. Most were really well behaved - a few "not so". Just a lot of demand and backlog folks are making up for lost time.
  9. I've used a couple of agencies in the past and not experienced what you describe. If you're getting what you agreed to pay for the cruise (and it's confirmed paid off), you're square with RCL. Guessing - maybe the TA's commission isn't wrapped into the price you were originally quoted. Can chalk it up to experience and find a new TA or book directly next time.
  10. I don't think I've seen a Zenith name badge. Do they even have them? I know there are no pins.
  11. Was in the same situation last month. We had an early boarding time and played the 30min early benefit but the agents didn't even care.
  12. Gourmet? Guess it depends upon the definition. It's a nice opportunity to dine on some low volume, individually prepared menu items (instead of large batch cooking) plus a wine pairing. It's a fixed menu across the fleet so you're not getting an onboard chef to create an "original" dinner menu. It's a prepared and repeated dining experience (similar to a specialty venue). Generally very pleasant from dining to service. It's smaller group to share a meal and usually a pretty good time. From past experience, something you do every couple of years (as the menu doesn't change very often).
  13. It's almost like the servers think they're failing you if you don't order and a lot of food. And if you don't finish, they think you may not like it and they want to bring something different. We just reassure them, its not you, its us..."
  14. We had lunch with a very nice Pinnacle club guest and during our discussion, I was surprised she was being apologetic about getting over the Pinnacle line from the recent double points offers as the shutdown was coming to a close. I think its great that folks were able to "ladder up" after the difficult circumstances, but I guess there are a few folks who want remind everyone they walked uphill in the snow both ways to the cruise terminal to get their status. Just roll with it.
  15. The issue isn't transport to MCO (about an hour), the issue is MCO is a terribly outdated terminal/airport for the passenger loading of that resort area. TSA wait times can be crazy depending upon which airline/terminal you're seeking.
  16. It's an honest assessment. If you could control a Bahama itinerary, Nassau or Coco Cay?
  17. Just have a single rate and stop carrying gratuities as a separate line item. This could adversely affect how some might/might not provide additional tips at the end, may end up hurting service crew in the long run.
  18. Thanks - I asked because France was remiss in sending assistance after the last hurricane hit, and we planned to make a stop on our next visit (hadn't been there in a while). We've noticed the Dutch side was in pretty good shape.
  19. Is there still a lot of hurricane damage on the French side?
  20. I enjoyed "The Effectors" - I think it appeals to the younger generation, but also the special effects using light is really impressive for all. I think Royal could develop the characters for on-board merchandising and character appearances for the kids on Coca Cay.
  21. Great idea, logistically awkward as the monitors would have to sort, distribute and track them. Maybe not turn them on until the muster station monitor confirms completion at the stations. When they swipe your sea pass card, it turns on purchases and room access. You get the same effect - can't get into your room until muster complete.
  22. Maybe not enough fire watcher with the extinguishers around the welders?
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