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  1. I have learned just how important traveling is to me and how lucky I have been to be able to travel without restrictions. I know I am going to miss a lot of the things that make vacations so great but at the same time I am so thankful for the memories. This whole pandemic has helped me appreciate the small things. And I have had to reintroduce myself to cooking.
  2. We received our refund today. It appeared in 7 payments. Not sure how it was broken down but the total was equal to amount paid out including excursions, taxes and fees. So glad I don't have to keep looking at my bank account. This was going to be my second cruise with RC and I really didn't now how refunds worked. The cruise was suppose to take place on Freedom of the Seas this past Sunday. We were actually suppose to be on our cruise now. I received several emails from guest experience letting me know when to expect my refund. I never called because I didn't want to stay on the line for hours. My only action was to seek a refund via the website the day after my cruise was cancelled. I received my cruise planner cancellation on April 24th. a "We're sorry" update on April 29th, and a final email on May 6 letting me know my refund was being processed and I would get the funds this week. One thing I did notice was that while the refund was processed on 5/10 it didn't show up until today. Perhaps it was my bank taking the extra time to process it. Thanks to all of you on this blog for your comments. It helped me keep my cool just knowing how others were being affected and how people were willing to wait a while before complaining. Hopefully, all will get their credits or refunds before long!
  3. I did receive a cancellation this morning for excursions and the cruise for May 10th on Freedom of the Seas is no longer showing in my list of cruises. I did opt for a refund on March 25th. I have not contacted them at any time other than to request the refund via the form. This is the response I received this morning: Dear Charmain, A change has been made to your reservation or guest status. Due to this new "cancelled" status in your reservation, we have cancelled all reservations made using our Cruise Planner pertaining to each guest listed below. All monies will be credited or reimbursed based on your original form of payment. Please print this page for your records. We thank you for your understanding. Royal Caribbean International I hope everyone does receive their refund in a timely manner.
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