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  1. That’s great! Thanks for the detailed answer. At this point we still don’t know what we will do. Just watching. A lot or a little could happen in the next 26 days, well about 23 before we have to decide thanks again!!!!
  2. Hi, I will be calling RC but since call waits will be long before I call I wanted to see if anyone knew the answers to my questions We have a cruise coming up first week of April. Still unsure if we will go or re-book. We want to go, at this point we are not canceling but If things get worst we will like to move our cruise out to late May into first week of June, which is almost 2 months between the two. Question 1), if we decide to move our April cruise to end of May/June will Royal Caribbean allow us to move the cruise right away over the phone or do we have to wait until the FCC sh
  3. I may be a little late on this but just in case no one has checked their online C&A account. RC updated the website well at least a little, including adding the countdown back. It also doesn't look so plain. The added color and pictures are welcoming. It still needs work but i will take it. Hopefully they keep working on it
  4. I too had problems for over a week until I went to the actually payment web page and not through my Crown and Anchor or my cruises , it worked for me. I google searched Royal Caribbean payments the search came up with https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/make-a-payment hope it works for you:)
  5. Thank you so much!!! I will keep our staterooms as they are.
  6. Hello, My family and I are booked on the Oasis this coming December. We have two staterooms which one is a connecting stateroom but not connecting with each other. One stateroom is connecting to another unknown family. I've been on many Royal Caribbean cruises but never stayed in an connecting room. My question is, are connecting rooms just as sound proof as a standard stateroom or will I hear the people in the other stateroom as if they are in my room? LOL I know it's a silly question but just wanted to know so if this is the case I would see about switching rooms. Thanks to anyon
  7. Yes I too saved! I booked a while ago for an upcoming 8 day November oasis cruise. Final payment was in September. I originally booked an inside room hoping to get an oceanview upgrade, as I have in the past. Checked prices today, was shocked to see oceanview staterooms were cheaper than what I paid for my inside. Called RC was told I could get oceanview for no additional charge but they couldn't refund the money I was out of. I was ok with that. I was excited to get oceanview until the customer service rep who was super nice told me I could actually get a balcony guarantee for 236 dollar
  8. Was on the freedom a few weeks ago. We watched people on the flow rider at all times of the day throughout our cruise and there was never a line. Just a couple of people eachtie we went.
  9. Got back from our freedom of seas cruise a couple of weeks ago. We actually thought it was a great deal to book onboard. We booked 2 future 7 day cruises and only had to put down $50 per stateroom so $100 down for 2 cruises. Plus the deal they were running online. If booked at home 2 cruises our deposit would have been alot more. For us this was great we are just typical middle class money making people and love the huge savings of the upfront The only thing is as someone also stated on the blog is we went in thinking what we put down would be matched for onboard credit for our future cr
  10. thanks so much for the advice and tips!! This will be our first ever forward, high deck stateroom. We have always stayed mid ship low and high decks. We started out with a balcony stateroom mid ship but for some reason we changed it. It just seems very secluded seeing that there are only a small amount of staterooms on that deck. I've had only one bad episode of getting sea sick. on that one occasion we actually had a stateroom mid ship lower deck, it was rough seas that day. It was only one day so out of 7 that's not so bad. :) still a little worried but we will give it a try. Thanks a
  11. still looking for any information on freedom of seas new inside staterooms on deck 12.
  12. Has anyone stayed in one of the new inside staterooms on deck 12 on the freedom of seas? Pros and cons of these staterooms would be appreciated. Going in November 2015. Have never stayed in a very forward, high deck stateroom. Always stayed in staterooms that were mid ship lower decks.
  13. Has anyone stayed in one of the deck 12 new inside staterooms on freedom of seas? Would like to know pros and cons. Going in November 2015.
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